Uno Attack Blank Card Ideas

Uno Attack (a.k.a. Uno Extreme in Canada and the UK) is another innovation from the original Uno game, which uses a battery-powered card shooter or launcher. 0-12 cards can be launched by pressing the launch button on the shooter. The new version of the Uno Attack comes with three white wild cards. 

White Wild Cards are cards you can put in your game by writing your favorite house rules in the blank. There are plenty of ideas that you can use to make the game more exciting and fun. You can go from the silliest house rules to the most extreme ones as long as everybody agrees before starting your game. 

Top Uno Attack Blank Card Funny Ideas

Uno is designed to have fun with your loved ones. And speaking of fun, there are extravagant ideas that you can come up with to put in your Uno Attack Blanks Cards. Here are some of the funny ideas you can write on your blank cards: 

  • Truth or Dare- you can include the Truth or Dare game into the game and put it in the blank cards. 
  • Creative drawing- You can bring out the artist in you by putting your craft into the game. You can draw or paint anything you want on the card. 
  • Riddle- You can include a riddle in the cards and let your opponent solve it, or they will lose a turn. 
  • Funny acts- You can include funny actions such as Chicken Dance, Butt Spell, etc. 

What Is The Best Thing To Put on Uno Attack Blank Wild Uno Card?

There are two ways to use the Uno Attack Blank Cards. First, you can use it as a replacement if any of your cards is lost, torn, or damaged. Second, you can use it to put your best ideas into a house rule for the game. If you wonder what the best thing to put on Uno Attack Blank Cards, that will depend on you and who you are playing with. For example, if you are playing with your family, using more wholesome and child-friendly house rules ideas is best. But, when you do it at a party with your friends, you can come up with more daring and extreme house rules if you like. You can put anything on the blank cards, provided everyone says okay.

What Are Good Uno Attack Blank Cards House Rules?

Here are some Uno Attack Blank Cards house rules you can use: 

  1. Copycat- copy the effect of the last action card placed in the discard pile. 
  2. Steal a turn- it can be played at any time and steal someone's turn. 
  3. Judgment- pick a person in the play. If the person has a wild card on his deck, he will draw two cards. If there is none, then he needs to draw one card. 
  4. True sight- pick a person to show his deck to everyone. 
  5. Disarm all wild cards- discard all wild cards from everyone's deck. 
  6. Duel- pick a person. Each will select a Number Card and compare them. The one with the lower number will draw three cards. If the values are the same, no one will draw on that turn. ]
  7. Paradigm Shif- each player needs to swap hands with the person next to them, following the current direction of the play. 
  8. Slap- Upon dropping the card, everyone must put their hands on top of it. The last person will draw two cards. 
  9. Poker face- choose one card from hand and let everyone guess its color. Draw cards according to the number of players who got it right. If no one got it right, the player could discard any card. 
  10. Shuffle- put all your cards back into the draw pile and reshuffle. Draw the same number of cards you previously had. 

Wild Customizable Card Ideas for Uno Attack Blank Cards

If you are at a party with your friends playing Uno, you have to make sure it's one they'll remember for years to come. Here are some wild ideas that you can put on that blank cards to keep everyone engaged and well-entertained: 

  1. Drink alcohol or draw four cards. 
  2. Complete a dare, or you will automatically lose the game. 
  3. Do your best sexy dance until your next turn.
  4. Draw two cards or call your best friend on your phone with your sexiest voice.
  5. Take off your underwear and out the window, or lose three turns.
  6. Post a daring status on your Instagram, or you lose two turns. 
  7. Answer a naughty question from the team or draw four cards. 
  8. Dance like a stripper until your next turn. 
  9. Give your phone to your opponent and allow them to send messages to their contact of choice, then draw two cards. 
  10. Sniff someone's armpit until the next turn. 

Can I Write My Own Rule in Uno Attack Blank Card?

Absolutely! Yes, you can write your own rules in Uno Attack Blank Cards. That is the purpose of the cards, for the players to put their customized house rule ideas.