Uno Block Card

Several rules exist for Uno players to follow, and in some cases, knowing what goes where might be difficult. But rules on blocking cards shouldn’t be difficult for Uno players to grasp.  

Blocking cards is a feature available on newer variations of Uno. Players can avoid drawing cards and pass on a turn to the next player who ends up with the draw.

Information in this guide makes it easy to understand what Uno block card means along with other vital details. 

What is Block Card in Uno?

A block card on Uno is a phase where a player can pass on drawing from the deck to another opponent. 

Let’s say a player plays a Draw 4 in a non-classic Uno game that allows blocking. The next player can add a wild card or Draw 2 card to pass on drawing cards to another opponent. 

It’s worth noting that not all variations support blocking cards on Uno, as different rules apply to versions available. 

Can You Block a +2 on Uno Great Fun Tips

Can You Block a Card in Uno?

You can block a card on YS Uno, Harry Potter Uno, and other variations of the classic card game. But you can’t block a card in the original Uno game as the rules don’t allow for such an option. 

Can You Block a +2 on Uno?

You cannot block a +2 card with another +2 card on Uno. Uno regular rules do not allow players put down more than one card in each turn. 

Blocking a +2 card with another +2 card in one turn is called stacking and is illegal on regular Uno. The legal move in classic Uno is simple – the next player has to pick two cards and lose one turn. 

However, different interpretations of this rule exist, and some players might decide to disregard them altogether. Stacking is common among Uno players, as many learnt how to play the game without following such rules. 

Newer variations of Uno games also have different rules on blocking and stacking +2 cards or other options in a set. 

Can You Block a +4 Uno?

Conventional Uno rules don’t allow players to block a +4 card. A +4 card played means the next player must draw four cards from the deck. 

Some players ignore this rule and believe adding a +2 to the +4 will make an opponent draw six cards. However, a clarification from Uno on Twitter in 2019 validated the standard game rule. 

Can You Block a Draw 4 in UNO?

If you follow official Uno rules, you cannot block any card with an identical card or wild card. So, you cannot block a Draw 4 in Uno when you follow conventional rules. 

After a player drops a Draw 4, the color of subsequent drops must change. The next player also has to draw 4 cards from the deck and lose one turn. 

Different variations to this rule exist, and some players might opt to ignore the conventional rules in some sets. 

Also, you can challenge a Draw 4 in some Uno games, especially the original version. If you believe a player has a matching card color after playing a Draw 4, you can initiate a challenge. 

A successful challenge will result in the player picking 4 cards in your place. But if you don’t initiate that challenge, you’ll need to draw six cards after a Draw 4. 

You can also challenge your opponent after playing a Draw 4 if they fail to call Uno. Catching your opponents with this challenge can catch them off guard, and they’ll need to pick two more cards. 

Why is UNO Reverse Card a Meme Great Fun Tips

Why is UNO Reverse Card a Meme?

The Uno Reverse Card meme became popular in May 2018 as an anagram of ‘No U’. A user linked the Uno Reverse card to existing ‘No U’ memes at that time and it gained massive popularity. 

Internet users continue to associate this card to the meme and several hilarious responses have been linked to it since. 

The Uno Reverse Card meme metaphorically signifies a flawless comeback. The arrows on this card facing opposite sides in a loop fueled its urban definition too. 

Urban dictionaries classify the card meme signifies an ultimate, irresistible comeback with powers that ‘no u’. Apart from the reserve card meme, other meme definitions have been drafted from Uno over time too. 

Can You Block a Draw 2 on Uno?

Official Uno rules don’t allow you to block a Draw 2 with a wild card or an identical card. After any player drops a Draw 2, it means the next player must draw two cards from the deck and lose one turn. 

Other interpretations of this rule exist. Most new players tend to overlook these rules and stack identical cards on each other during a set. 

You cannot challenge a Draw 2 on any Uno game, and standard rules apply in most new variations too. The only time when a Draw 2 can be challenged is if a player fails to call Uno as its penultimate card. 

If the challenge is successful, your opponent must pick two more cards from the deck and continue in that set.