UNO Cancel Card

In Official Uno rules, players must draw cards and take turns matching a card in their hand with the card shown on top of the deck. But, if you wonder if there are cancel cards ever made for Uno, the answer is no. There is no card created specifically to Cancel the Card. However, some cards function as a cancel card by blocking or reversing a turn.

In the official Uno game, there is no cancel card included in all its variants However, there are action cards that can cancel, reverse or block opponents' actions. You can use Reverse Card or Skip Card. The reverse card will change the direction of the play, which kind of cancel your opponent's action. The same way with Skip Card, it allows the next person in play loses his/her turn, thus, canceling his/her ability to draw or discard any of his cards. Other cards that can work as a cancel card are Blank Cards, in the form of house rules. Furthermore, Uno Power Grab Special Cards with Power Icons can block an action card played against you.

What does a Cancel card do in UNO?

Even though there is no Cancel Card in Uno, cards such as Reverse Card, Skip Card, Uno Power Grab Icon Cards, and Blank Cards can be used to cancel, block, or reverse an opponent's action card.

How to use Cancel card in UNO?

There is no exact cancel card that ever exists in Uno as of the moment. However, some cards play like a cancel card. 

Uno Power Grab

This variant has special cards with power icons. Number Cards have power icons, which are U, N, O, and! It allows a player to block Action cards according to his/her choice. Power Icon cards are matched according to their numbers or colors. If you out down a Power Icon card, you can grab your opponent's Power Tower. See how the Power Icons works: 

  • U: Put down a card with the “U”, then grab the red “U” Power Tower. This will give you protection against Draw One Card. 
  • N: Put down a card with the “N” on it, grab the blue “N” Power Tower to block Draw Two cards. 
  • O: Play a card with the “O”, grab the green “O” Power Tower to block Wild Draw Four cards. 
  • !: Put down the “!” card, grab the yellow “!” Power Tower to void Skip cards. 

You retain the protection from your Power Tower for the entire time you have it. 

Reverse Card

The reverse card merely reverses the direction of play. If the play is currently to the left, then the play changes to the right. This action kind of cancels the turn of an opponent against you. 

Skip Card

Skip Card skips the next person in line to play after this card is put down on the pile. The next person loses his/her turn and skipped, which means he/she cannot use any action cards to anyone.

Blank Cards

You can use Blank cards as a replacement when you lost a card on your deck. However, you can also use it to customize an action card or use it as part of the house rules. Yes, you can use Blank Cards to work like a cancel card in your play. 

Can you cancel a Cancel card in UNO?

Canceling a Cancel Card only works in house rules made by players before the start of the game. There is no official rule that allows canceling a Cancel Card.

Can you cancel a +4 in UNO?

Yes, you can cancel a Draw Four Cards in Uno. This is possible in the Uno Power Grab variant where there are Power Icons (U, N, O, and!) on Number Cards. So, when you play a card with the “O” on it, grab the green “O” Power Tower to void a Wild Draw Four card.

Can you reverse a Cancel card in Uno?

No, because in reverse' card, you do not have a second turn, the play is not switched from the proceeding player back to you. If ever the next player has also a Reverse Card, the play will not go back to you. Instead, the player to your left will play next. However, House Rules can supersede any official rules of Uno. Therefore, reversing a Cancel Card in Uno is still possible. Just make sure that everyone agrees with it before starting the game.

Can you cancel a +2 card in UNO?

Yes, you can cancel a Draw Two Cards in Uno. The Uno Power Grab variant has Power Icons (U, N, O, and!) on Number Cards. If you put down a card with the “N” on it, grab the blue “N” Power Tower, and it will block Draw Two cards played against you. 

Can you cancel a skip in UNO?

Yes, in the Uno Power Grab variant. When you have a Number Card that has a Special Icon of “!”, you can put it down and grab the yellow “!” Power Tower, which voids Skip cards played against you.