Uno Switch Card

The beloved card game UNO® has four-color cards called suits, which are red, yellow, blue, and green. It consists of Number cards, Action cards (Draw 2 Cards, Reverse, and Skip), and Wild cards. The game is pretty simple; all you have to do is get rid of all your cards. However, things become more challenging and complicated because of the Wild Cards.

Uno Switch Card is another wild card that is added to the game to be more exciting and thrilling. When Switch Cards is played, it lets the player switch deck with an opponent. If there are three or more participants, the player can pick anyone from the game to switch the cards.

How do you use the switch hand card in UNO?

The goal in Uno is to be the first person who gets rid of all his cards. However, Switch Hand Card makes the game more complicated and serves as the game-changer. When Switch Hand Card is played, it allows the player to swap cards with a chosen opponent. It becomes an advantage when a player's deck is not so good, having a lot of cards on hand. A player could switch his deck with another player who has fewer cards on their hands. However, there is a risk in using this card. Technically, the player does not know the set of cards he is switching to, which could turn his game into a disaster. There are a few ways how to use Switch hand card best:

  1. Use it in the middle of the game to avoid any problems with playing it during the endgame. It could also allow you to knock your opponent out of the game early. 
  2. Use your instinct. If you feel you have a run of bad luck and might be hit with actions cards such as +4 and +2 cards, you can use this card to switch with other players you think might have these cards.
  3. Use the card when the game is near the end, with your opponent having few cards left. You can switch hands with them to gain an advantage. 

What does switch hands do?

Using Switch Hand Card can be double-edged. It can either make you win playing your opponent's cards or turn your game into a disaster and lose. Switch Hand Card allows a player to exchange his cards with any of his chosen opponents, preferably the one with the fewest card on hand. However, this move can backfire on the player since he does not know what kind of cards the other player has. The use of Switch Hand Card is optional, so if you want to continue playing with your cards or switch with other players is all up to your opinion and strategy.

Can you end Uno with a switch card?

Yes, you can end with Switch Hand Card, but you're most likely to lose. You cannot win with the Switch Hand Card as the last card because you have nothing to trade with the other player. If in case, you have Switch Hand Card as the last card, you must play the card normally. Therefore, you must draw another card from the draw pile, just like how you do it when you have no playable cards.

What happens if your last card is a switch card?

In Uno official, if you have a Switch card as your last card, you have to play the card normally. Therefore, you must draw another card from the draw pile, the same as any other time they cannot have a playable card.

Switch card Uno rules

Switch Hand Card is one great addition to the classic Uno that people loved. This wild card gives an option to players whether to use it or not in their respective turns. The rule on using Switch Hand Card is pretty simple. The goal is to trade your cards to another player. The least number of cards your opponents have, the better.

If in case you got the card at the start of the game, the player can choose the color and also swaps his cards with his chosen opponent. Once you used it and traded your cards with your opponent, then your turn is up. You can no longer put down any card until your next turn. In case you only have Switch Hand Card as your last card, then you have to play it as a normal wild card.

Can we play the switch card when the other player has said Uno?

No, it is not possible anymore since the person has already called Uno. In Uno rules, the active player must call Uno. A player cannot win with the Switch Hand Cards as his last card because he needs to treat it as a normal wild card. In case you have the switch card and the player already announced Uno, then the game ended. No action is needed from you at this time.