Unreal: Woman Attacked at Gym for Back Acne, Her Response Goes Viral

This woman's schedule is packed. Thankfully, she has one day a week to squeeze in a workout between lectures.

At The Gym

Now, her severe back acne is no secret to her. It's unattractive, but she still works out in her sports bra instead of a jacket unless she gets cold. Following her routine of weight lifting and cardio machines, she heads up to the building's walking track for some cardio.

She was running the track when a woman named Karen, who looked to be in her early 50s, walked by and glared at her. In response, OP got defensive and threw her a look, adding, “I know I have back acne.”

Another Encounter

They eventually ran into each other again, and the woman finally said something: “Honey, you should cover that up.” When OP feigned not understanding what the woman meant, the woman pointed out that OP should cover up her back acne.

OP lost it on the woman. She pointed out covering up her sweaty back would actually make her acne worse. Besides, as OP told the woman: it's not none of her business. OP was talking to the woman so loudly that other runners started to stare.

The woman scoffed, claiming that millennials (she's not even a millennial?) are overly sensitive these days and that she was only trying to help. For the second time, she advised the woman, without being kind, that acne should not be contained in a sweaty area because it will cause more of it.

The Next Day

When OP came to the gym the next day, another woman came up to her. The other woman said she saw what happened the day before and was mad on OP's behalf.

The other woman told OP back acne was nothing to be ashamed of and she shouldn't worry about covering up her back. Then, the woman turned around and showed OP her own back acne. Then, the woman explained she had confronted Karen about her terrible behavior.


Karen initially refused to admit she did anything, according to the other woman. But the other woman called Karen a liar and accused her of mocking a girl's body. Everyone in the changing room joined in, and Karen was at a loss for words. Older women and young college girls were losing their minds over this bitch, and she began crying from embarrassment.

What do you think? Did Karen deserve the gang-up she received?

You can read the original story here.

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