12 Unspoken Universal Rules All Women Should Know in Life

What happens in the Girl Club stays in the Girl Club. However, today we'll make an exception as women from an online forum spill the tea and reveal the unspoken rules every lady should know.

1. Playing Pretend

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If a woman you don't know approaches you and makes conversation as if you were childhood friends, play along. As many women point out, unfortunately, it is pervasive for women to get stalked or followed. Hence, sheltering themselves in the presence of a safe stranger can help avoid mishaps.

2. Avoiding The Dress Disaster

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When it's that time of the month, things are already hard as is. Top it off with a random stain on your favorite outfit, and you have a recipe for disaster. So, in light of many users' advice, you instantly tell them if you ever notice a period stain. Save them the trouble.

3. Bathroom Break: Therapy for The Sick and Sad

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When in the restroom, you ignore all noises except crying or throwing up. According to forum members, checking in and asking if she's doing okay is best. Bathroom therapy is a basic tenet of the Girl Code.

4. Dumped Girl Syndrome

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If you see a sad drunk girl mopping over a guy who dumped her, it's your time to shine. Users share how it is normal for most women to go over and tell that girl she no longer needs that guy. Add some compliments and praises in the mix, and you have a best friend you'll never see again.

5. Emergency Kit

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A kind gentleman who served as a bar manager shares his experience keeping an emergency kit for female colleagues. He has a self-care kit stacked with first aid supplies such as Advil, clippers, scissors, feminine products, and more.

6. Drink Safety 101

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Leaving your drink unattended at a bar or party is a no-go. Many users advise against it because you never know who will spike it. If you can't take it with you, get a new one when you return. Stay safe, ladies!

7. Technical Terms

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To the men who call women “females,” please stop. Many women mention finding the term creepy and gross. I mean, what's next? Homo sapien?

8. Load The Ammunition

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Many women admit that they are never safe alone at night. Don't take your chances even when you're tempted to believe that a place is safe. Users advise women to arm themselves with pepper sprays and car keys. Plus, don't forget to lock the car doors once you're in!

9. Being Each Other's Mirror

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If you see a woman with food or lipstick stuck on her teeth, tell her. Don't worry; she'll only thank you for it.

10. Carpooling: Save Money and Lives

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For numerous women, if you go somewhere together, you leave together. Commuting in the company of trusted friends promises safety compared to traveling alone.

11. Sistas Before Mistas

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The Girl Code requires women not to date their friend's exes. “Why?” you ask. Girl, if he cheated on your best friend, what makes you think he won't do the same to you?

12. Gut Feeling: A Woman's Compass

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Lastly, several women advise each other to trust their guts. As a woman, it's no secret that your instincts are your best friend.

Here's to women empowerment.

Source: Reddit.

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