5 Mind-Bending Conspiracy Theories That Will Leave You Speechless

Conspiracy theories are official en vogue as the world gets stranger by the day. However, even as large segments of the population gravitate towards specific lines of non-traditional thinking, there are some theories that remain largely beyond belief.

A Twitter User Asked: What Popular Conspiracy Theory Don't You Believe?

Twitter user @checkmatestate capitalized on the unhinged state of global affairs to ask a pressing question: What conspiracy theory is popular, yet unbelievable? 

A hot-button topic ripe for controversy, if there ever was one.

The Most Enduring Theory of Them All Was a Popular Response

There is no more quintessentially American conspiracy theory than the faking of the moon landing, and it was inevitably one of the top responses to 

Which, naturally, prompted another Twitter user to correct this incorrect take: The moon landing was faked, just ask my uncle!

Another Twitter User Noted a More Recent (And Diabolical) Theory

And a more recent theory that emerged (tastelessly) in the wake of NFL player Damar Hamlin's widely-covered cardiac event:

This theory lost whatever basis it may have had when Hamlin published a lengthy video detailing his recovery and thanking his supporters.

And What About The Earth's Shape?

According to most respondents, the earth is undoubtedly rotund, despite prevailing conspiracy theories to the contrary.

Some Users Cited Media-endorsed Theories

Some conspiracy theories don't emerge from remote pockets of the population, but from media outlets. Apparently, the media stamp of approval doesn't necessarily make the theories believable:

Though these are ideas you might find in the most mainstream of publications (right or left), they are not universally accepted as fact.

And Yet, Some Say That Virtually All Conspiracy Theories Are True

As time passes, it sometimes happens that a conspiracy theory evolves into fact, as one Twitter user points out:

Godzilla, coming to a metropolis near you?

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