Regrettable TV: 15 Unwatchable Shows That Should Have Never Been Made

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Some TV shows are so great that they're perfect for repeat viewings. Other shows make you wonder, “What were they thinking when they green-lit that?” Someone on a popular online forum asked for examples of truly terrible TV shows and it turns out there have been a lot of stinkers over the years. Here are the top 15 responses.

1. Joey (2004-2006)

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

You can't blame them for trying a Friends spin-off featuring Joey, but it just didn't work without the beloved ensemble cast. Without the iconic cast, the poor writing can't be ignored. They also turned Joey from a laid-back, suave idiot into a loser. 

2. Saved by the Bell: The New Class (1993-2000)

saved by the bell
Image Credit: Peter Engel Productions.

Another terrible spin-off attempt was Saved by the Bell: The New Class, which ran for seven seasons. It was the same concept as the original but with a new crop of students. It was nowhere near as good as the original. 

3. Supertrain (1979)

Image Credit: NBC Productions.

With a dismal rating of 4.3 on IMDb, this nine-episode failure aimed to portray the tales of passengers aboard a nuclear-powered high-speed train journeying through the United States. 

4. My Mother the Car (1965-1966)

My Mother the Car
Image Credit: United Artists Television.

Even the name of this one gives you a reason to cringe. However, someone in the 60s thought this was a great idea. IMDb describes it as “The story of the relationship between a man and his mother, the latter having been reincarnated as a 1928 Porter automobile.”

5. Baywatch Nights (1995-1997)

Baywatch Nights Donna D'Errico, Eddie Cibrian, Angie Harmon
Image Credit: The Baywatch Company.

While this spin-off of the drama Baywatch only got a 3.7 on IMDb, it ran for two seasons in the late 90s. The oddest thing about this show was that it became a supernatural sci-fi and was nothing remotely like the show it was born from.

6. Mrs. Brown's Boys (2011)

Mrs. Brown's Boys Brendan O'Carroll
Image Credit: BBC One.

This comedy show is beloved in both Britain and Australia, but American audiences don't enjoy the humor. It stars Brendan O'Carroll as the often crass and outspoken Mrs. Brown. 

7. The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008-2013)

The Secret Life of the American Teenager Megan Park
Image Credit: Brendavision!.

Imagine you're 15 and find yourself pregnant and have to go to school with the baby's father. It sounds like a grittier version of Grease. Despite getting poor reviews on IMDb, it ran from 2008 – 2013.

8. Melody Rules (1994-1995)

Melody Rules
Image Credit: TV3.

According to one person, this early 90s sitcom “is known as New Zealand's worst sitcom of all time and possibly one of the worst sitcoms ever.” They added, “But, seriously, try making it through an entire episode. It's impossible.” The story revolves around Melody, a serious career woman, and her dysfunctional family.

9. What If (2019)

What/If Renée Zellweger
Image Credit: Netflix.

This one-season wonder from 2019 starring Jane Levy was supposed to be an enticing thriller. Instead, it's a confusing mess that, to some, has a little bit of charm. 

10. Sunset Beach (1997-1999)

Sunset Beach
Image Credit: NBC Studios.

This daytime soap about a woman who catches her fiance cheating and decides to start over in a California suburb racked up 755 episodes during its run in the late 90s.

11. Hull High (1990)

Hull High
Image Credit: Touchstone Television.

People have a love or hate relationship with musical TV. Despite this being nominated as one of the worst television experiences, the musical comedy about kids and students at Cordell Hull High gets an 8.3 from fans on IMDb. 

12. Hello, Larry (1979-1980)

Hello, Larry Joanna Gleason, George Memmoli, McLean Stevenson
Image Credit: T.A.T. Communications Company.

The plot of this comedy about the antics of a radio psychologist and his family may sound familiar as the storyline in Frasier. It was a spin-off of the top-rated 70s/80s sitcom Diff'rent Strokes but did not rise to the popularity of Kelsey Grammer's show. 

13. Goodnight Sweetheart (1993-1999)

Goodnight Sweetheart Michelle Holmes
Image Credit: BBC 1.

Time travel — check! Comedy — check! A time travel comedy about a guy who uses it to cheat on his wife? Maybe not. This British show is basically about a man with two families attempting to keep them from finding out about one another.

14. The Starlost (1973-1974)

The Starlost Gay Rowan
Image Credit: CTV.

Sometimes when a series starts, the plot makes you wonder how far the story can go. In this case, The Starlost lasted one season in the early 70s. The premise is that the protagonists must explore a “vast starship to find the controls to save it from destruction.”

15. L.A.'s Finest (2019-2020)

L.A.'s Finest Jessica Alba, Gabrielle Union
Image Credit: Spectrum Originals.

Starring Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union, this 2019 show got two seasons in before it was canceled. This series was a spin-off of Bad Boys, where Union's character Sydney Burnett was introduced as Detective Marcus Burnett's younger sister.

Source: Reddit.

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