UQ Holder Season 2: Will It Come Back Soon?

UQ Holder came out four years ago and now we wait for the UQ Holder Season 2. When the anime was published in 2017, people got some nostalgic moments when they saw a reboot of the UQ Holder which first came out in 2006. However, according to fans, it’s more like a sequel rather than an anime adaptation. We can't confirm that but for sure we know fans internationally really loved the second run of UQ Holder in 2017 and we are waiting for the next chapter of it.

UQ Holder is also known as Mahou Sensei Negima is one of the Japanese action fantasy anime series. It firstly came from a fantasy manga series with the same name written by Ken Akamatsu that started in 2013. After that J.C.Staff. produced its video animation directed by Youhei Suzuki in September 2017 followed by the anime series in October 2017 produced by Makoto Furukawa, Yoko Tanaka, Gouta Aijima, and Ryuutarou Kawakami. After running for twelve-episode and three OVA episodes, fans are waiting for UQ Holder Season 2.

UQ Holder Season 1: Plotline

UQ Holder Season 2

Kouta Konoe is an ordinary boy raised in a small rural town. He always wants to leave his village and live life in the city of Shin-Tokyo which has a tower structure rising into space. Just a rural boy with a big dream into the city. One day, he was physically injured and wounded by a bounty hunter. His ordinary life suddenly changes when his mentor, Yukihime, who is actually a 700-year-old vampire mage known as Evangeline A.K. McDowell, reveals herself to be a vampire. 

After saving Touta from a mortal wound, she causes him to become immortal as well. Later in the story, they pick up another boy named Kuromaru along the way to join the adventure. They go to a place outside Shin-Tokyo where Yukihime leads a secret society of immortals called UQ Holder. Gaining new mentorship along the way, Touta facing on his own unique, magical adventure and the story continues from there.

UQ Holder Season 2: Renewal Status 

UQ Holder Season 2

The first season of the anime series received a mixed response due to its rushed pacing. The manga readers already knew how many chapters the makers have skipped while adapting it for its debut installment. Not only this, the anime has some original stories as well. As a result, fans who are waiting for its accurate adaptation weren’t pleased after watching it. Hence, the negative response might be the reason the makers are yet to renew the series. 

The author of the UQ Holder series began its serialization in 2013. Since then, he has published a total of 24 volumes which have more than 180 chapters. The first season of the anime series adapted 131 chapters and ended on the 13th volume of the manga series. So, now the makers have a total of nine volumes that have content from 50 chapters. It should be enough for a 12-episode season. But if we look at the pacing of the debut season, JC Staff won’t be able to make UQ Holder Season 2 with the remaining source material.

UQ Holder Season 2: Release Date

UQ Holder Season 2

With the response from the viewer, we know there is some disappointed response due to fast pacing and some semi-major plotline that is missed in UQ Holder Season 1. But some originality in the debut season also brings a positive response for the fans. Now it’s up to JC Staff whether they want to make the sequel series with a slower pace or cancel the series.

JC Staff is also pretty tight-lipped about the anime’s future. The audience is eager to know whether there will be Mahou Sensei Negima or UQ Holder Season 2 or not, but they are not getting any updates. Fortunately, the officials have not canceled its sequel yet. Therefore some fans are still hopeful that they’ll see more of their favorite series.