Biden Approves $100 Million Usdot Funding To Fix Broken EV Charger Infrastructure

Joe Biden

The battle of the electric car era has been on the main stage in the media for months now. California banned the sale of all gas-powered cars by 2035. Six big automakers announced that they're stepping away from diesel car production. Elon Musk is always on the news for some breaking news. States are promoting EV tax credit benefits left and right.

Then, the Energy Department Secretary went on a road trip to show that the White House was behind the EV movement. She found that it's kind of painful to own an EV. She struggled with keeping her caravan charged up and even blocked a family from an EV charger to keep their travels moving.

And now, the big United Auto Workers strike is happening, and EV production is pushed further and further out each day that workers strike.

Biden Administration's Solution

So what is the Biden administration going to do in response? Throw $100 million at the problem. The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program is a $5 billion program created by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law intended to help states with charging sites. The $100 million comes from this already-approved funding and is an allocation of the $5 billion given to improve broken and un-operational charging stations. 

How Bad Is The Problem?

Well, according to the government's database, only 4%, or 6,000 EV chargers, are classified as “temporarily unavailable.” However, we know that charging stations are notorious for claiming a functional charger, but when you show up, they're broken. So, we can't say for sure how accurate these numbers are.

Where Exactly Will This $100 Million Go?

Its primary purpose is to repair and replace existing, non-operational public EV charging stations.

USDOT says, “The first round of funding will focus on improving the reliability of the current network by repairing or replacing existing EV charging infrastructure at the same time the Biden-Harris Administration is making larger-scale investments to deploy new charging stations.”

Other political leaders are beginning to realize how inadequate the charging infrastructure is, and Federal Highway Administrator Shailen Bhatt stated,

“Charging your electric vehicle should be as easy and convenient as filling up a gas tank – and this investment will make our EV charging network more reliable, full stop. We're building a bigger EV charging network to keep up with driver demand, and we're also going to make sure the currently available network is working when you need a charge.” 

That sounds like exactly what we need, and I hope that it's exactly what we see happen here in the near future.

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