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Developers have had long standing issues when it comes to testing their applications. Yet, it is important for you to get an outside opinion about how well your app or website would perform in real life situations.

The solution is to look for testers. Usually, you can upload a beta version of the application to freelancing websites.

However, you cannot get the quality responses you need to make your application better.

There are web platforms that are fully into the business of looking for good quality testers for your application or website.

One of the platforms is known as UserTesting. They have received numerous awards from the time they started their operations in the industry.

Today, we shall explore how the platform works and how to use the platform to your best.


What is UserTesting?

UserTesting is a testing platform used by developers to run real time tests of their projects for example mobile applications and websites as they prepare them for use by the final intended user.

You can use the platform to get any feedback on mobile experiences including mobile prototypes, unreleased and in-store apps and web-based experiences.


To do this, you can take advantage of AR/VR experiences, in-home testing equipment (including voice devices) and “out in the wild” testing.

You can test any mobile experience on IOS or Android.

Mobile users are required to take a full screen recording from which you can observe everything that can be shared or shown on a mobile screen.


Features of UserTesting.

The platform has a lot of great features that cover different sections of testing projects.

They include:

  • Test builder and template gallery
  • Demographic filters and screener questions
  • Mobile app comparisons.
  • Website comparisons
  • Multichannel journey
  • Ad testing
  • Website conversions
  • Prototype evaluation
  • Website evaluation
  • Mobile, web and prototype evaluation   
  • Concept validation
  • Information architecture and navigation testing
  • Visual design evaluation
  • Customer journey mapping
  • System usability scale
  • Card sorting
  • Discover needs and frustrations
  • Persona characteristics. also has a team of expert researchers that can help you find out more about your website or application, secret prototype or your competition.

The team can also help you out with things like

  • Planning, creating and managing tests
  • Long term research road mapping
  • Moderating tests
  • Annotating videos
  • Watching your videos to identify key findings
  • Geeking out about your research.
  • Creating presentations to help you share your research.
  • Create and analyze every test
  • Offer help from time to time.

The pro plan comes with a dedicated project manager. The project manager is there to assist you in reaching your goals.

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They can help you with:

  • Advanced recruiting
  • Demonstrating product features
  • Administering NDA
  • Long term research road mapping
  • Scheduling moderated tests
  • Coordinating complex studies.


UserTesting’s integrations and plugins.

UserTesting allows you to utilize its resources with a combination of outside systems to increase your user experience.

You can use other resources to improve on experience management, collaboration, UX design and prototyping and scheduling.

The integrations and plugins include:

  • Qualtrics
  • Jira
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Adobe xd
  • Outlook calendar
  • Google calendar
  • Quantitative studies
  • UX design and prototyping
  • Analytics


How does UserTesting work?

UserTesting for developers

The platform is fully based on human insights. It is a video based platform where you can see the reactions and experiences of people as they engage with your designs, products, apps, processes, concepts and brands.

The platform allows you to:

  • Capture video-based customer perspectives. You can create a test plan to target your audience and capture experience narratives through self-guided video recordings or live conversations. This is done by collecting four streams of data including video, audio, facial expressions and clickstream data.


  • Get feedback from any type of audience. You can link all preferred audiences using a hyperlink. The platform has a vast network of verified and screened testers (testers) to get the feedback that you would like through the UserTesting contributor network. You can also bring in custom networks of testers (testers) or anyone you would like to use. In return, the platform handles all audience profile management, engagements and rewards.


  • Discover and surface key moments of insights. You can use the platform to quickly analyze customer experience narratives. This is done to facilitate collaborations across teams and sharing of insights across an organization to inspire action and drive urgency.


  • Get richer insights with machine learning driven platform capabilities. You have a lot of programs that help you get in depth insights into the information collected from the testers. This helps you come up with a better report on well the program or website runs.


  • Scale across your organization. You can bring in testers from within your organization. This helps you understand how it shall be perceived at different levels within a working environment.


  • Open API and ecosystem.


You have to use the UserTesting platform by following these steps:

  • Ask questions. As a developer, you must have some parameters you would like to test out on your platform. You can create a test plan to ask any question or request people to perform tasks using your product (application or website).


  • Find you test group. You must find testers to perform the tasks and answer your questions. This is done by using the UserTesting contributor network to connect with your own audiences and find a suitable test group for your product.


  • Engage and empathize. The testers are then required to take the tests and engage with developers. This is done by taking a guided video recording of the contributor using your product. You can also engage with testers for live conversations.


  • Discover and analyze. The platform has a lot of analytical tools and metrics to help you visualize and analyze the data faster. You can use the video first approach to observe their facial expressions and body language, see visuals of their experience and learn from the contributor’s digital and real world interactions.


  • Share insights. You can create a highlight reel. You can also export or share your data using your tools like Slack, JIRA and Trello. The report is also downloadable to your local storage.


UserTesting for testers.

The platform hires people to test developers’ applications and websites. Since the nature of this work is freelance, the testers follow an intricate process to sign up with the platform.

The steps followed include:

a) Submit an application.

First, you have to submit an application using your email address. Since your primary role is giving reviews, you are asked to take a practice test.

The test is designed to check your ability to test an application or website.

When you pass the test, you can join the global network of trusted testers.

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b) Browse for jobs.

The platform always has tests available for you to take. When you find a favorable test, you have to answer screening questions.

These questions help the developer identify the best qualities for a tester with the network.

When you answer the questions in a satisfying manner, you are selected for a particular test.


c) Take tests

The real work starts here. You are required to share your perspectives regarding the test product through the test.

This can be through live moderation, survey questions and recordings of your experience with the product.


d) Make money

Upon completing the test, you earn money. The payment structure stipulates that you earn $4 for every 5-minute test, $10 for every 20-minute test and between $30 – $120 for live interviews. This is subject to how long the interview may take, length of the test plus other factors.

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Pros of UserTesting

UserTesting benefits its users and employees plus the communities they live in.

At times, the benefits transcend the overall role of the platform.

The benefits of using the platform include:

1. Bug bounty.

They have a rewards program for any information provided about bugs found within the UserTesting platform.

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This is important since most users on the platform are developers and can easily spot issues within the system. This means that security is always at its best and you get the opportunity to make money from your bug report.


2. Get set up using the UserTesting University.

The university has courses that help you learn about how you can create a test for your project (application or website).

usertesting customers

You can also learn about how you can best select testers for your tests.

In addition, the platform allows testers to get the necessary education and expertise you need to provide the best answers to developers.


3. Access to online community.

The platform provides access to a peer community of testers and developers.

Online developers meet here to discuss the best practices you would use to improve your projects, how you can design a user test, how to select testers amongst other issues.

This helps you get better results at the end of the test.


4. Access to webinars.

The platform hosts online webinars designed to improve the quality of work done during the testing process.

Webinars attract top industry professionals in the fields of conversion optimization, UX research, design, product and other related issues.

This helps you improve your knowledge in the area of remote testing thus improving your overall results.


5. UserTesting templates.

This help you to structure your questions in the best way for you to get the most desired outcome for the test.

You already have sample questions in the templates. You can choose to use those questions or add on to them.

Either way, you have a head start for the test questions so that you can get the results that are of benefit to your research.


6. They contribute to charity through testing services.

The product in this case is referred to as UserTesting One world. The platform offers its services to qualifying charitable organizations around the world.

This is usually in the form of free user tests, discounted subscriptions, pro-bone research projects and any other support or resources.

This ensures that the platform gives back to the community.


7. The platform also offers monetary donations each quarter through its employees.

The program targets nonprofit organizations making a difference in their communities.

They are selected through the UserTesting charitable committee and a donation is made every quarter.


8. Education partner program.

Along with other students in various fields, UserTesting provides real life experiences to people in qualifying programs with the necessary human eccentric feedback that they need for their projects.

They can be in design, data science and AI, usability testing, business and marketing.

This ensures that students get feedback on projects from real life users.


9. Standard mode of payment.

The platform uses PayPal as the only authorized mode of payment.

PayPal is the most convenient platform for processing payments as it is accessible from anywhere in the world, can perform currency exchanges and minimal withdrawal charges.

You are not required to have any other account to receive your funds.


10. Tutorials before doing actual tests.

You have access to video tutorials that show you how to conduct such a test. With these tutorials, you learn how to make reports and perform the tests to the satisfaction of the client.

This also comes in handy if you have no experience as you can simply do as the tutorials instruct you to.


11. It does not require any documents to sign up.

The platform does not require you to have any experience or academic qualifications to start your journey.

This makes it easier for people from around the world to sign up and start working.


 12. A lot of opportunities for those with USA.

A lot of testers have had a lot of jobs available to them simply because of their geographical location.

For testers living within the USA, the jobs they get are more rewarding (higher pay) when compared to those living outside the USA.

This is a very good opportunity for the American citizens to make extra cash.


Cons of UserTesting

There are a number of issues that have been raised regarding the operations of the platform on the side of testers. They can be summarized as below:

1. The mobile version is slow.

This is an issue that has been a constant feature for most testers especially those that prefer to use the mobile application.

It usually takes a long time to load making the testing process a lot more tedious for testers.

The best thing would be to try and make modifications so that there is a better way for the app to run.


2. There are no alerts for new available jobs.

Unlike most online projects, the platform does not send out any messages to notify testers of jobs that have recently been made available.

This means that you have to constantly check the platform to see whether there are any running projects you could participate in.


3. Limited opportunities for testers outside the United States of America.

The platform is based in America. However, you can create an account if you are located outside the country.

This is a good thing if you are looking for some remote work when residing outside the states. However, there have been complaints amongst users that found it much easier to get jobs when they were in America as compared to when they were not.


4. The tests can be challenging for you.

When applying for a tester job on the platform (UserTesting), you have to take and complete a test.

The test can be passed by someone that has good skills in English and technology. Otherwise, you may not have it as easy as it seems.

Plus, you always have to take screener tests designed by the platform.


5. Not a regular source of income.

Users often find it difficult to find regular developers to work with. This means that the earnings do not come in as regular as you want them to.

Therefore, this kind of job is not enough for you to cater for home expenses every other month.


6. High competition for jobs.

The group of testers on the platform mainly constitute freelancers. This makes up a big portion of the testers available for gigs.

However, the platform has a new innovation where it allows developers to bring in its own testers.

This means that you have to compete with a huge number of people to get jobs especially since developers like using testers that have been used before.

This means that the volume of work to be done by the freelance testers greatly reduces and this makes it hard for you to make money on the website.


Conclusion: Is UserTesting legit?

UseTesting.Com is a great platform for testers and developers alike. I strongly recommend everyone out there to join this platform and not only make some extra cash but also develop their skills.

The developers have an all-inclusive and well elaborated way to generate the results they need. They can also take advantage of the programs available on the UserTesting platform to get feedback on their projects.

On the side of testers, the work is legitimate and can earn you an extra dollar to improve on your lifestyle.

Plus, as you take on more testing jobs, you are given access to high paying testing deals.

The platform also allows you to work online all over the world.