Elite Paradise: 25 Luxury Vacation Destinations of the Ultra Rich

ski lifts in Aspen

Have you ever thought about where you would go and what you would do if you had all the money in the world? Well, you’d probably go to one of these places! Below are vacation destinations favored by the wealthiest people in the world.

1. Miami, Florida, United States

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Miami is a hotspot for all vacationers, even people who aren’t in the top 1%. However, this vibrant Florida city is also a favorite destination among the most affluent people in the world. From the energetic nightlife to the sunny beaches to the bounty of diverse restaurants, it’s easy to see why so many of the world’s richest people like to spend their downtime here.

2. Hamptons, New York, United States

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The Hamptons are well-known as a vacation destination for very wealthy people. It’s a beachy area that offers seclusion and high-end shopping and dining. The area’s proximity to New York City makes it particularly popular among rich people who live in NYC, as it’s a convenient place to escape for a bit.

3. West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

West Palm Beach Florida
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While some of us may think of Florida as the United States’ damp basement, it seems that the ultra-rich love to spend time there. West Palm Beach is a stunning area with plenty of things to do among the picturesque palm trees. With many lavish hotels, restaurants, and clubs, it entices wealthy folks who love lively vacations.

4. Paris, France

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People tend to say Paris is overrated, as the city is quite dirty and the people can be rude to visitors sometimes. However, the richest visitors likely don’t deal with these woes, as they stay in the best neighborhoods in gorgeous penthouses. So, they get to enjoy all the charm and culture in Paris, without all the negative stuff.

5. Santa Barbara, California, United States

Santa Barbara
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Santa Barbara is a lovely and relaxing seaside city. It offers classic California beaches, the Santa Ynez Mountains, upscale restaurants, charming boutiques, and enchanting architecture. There are plenty of activities and amenities in the city, but it also offers a sense of seclusion and tranquility.

6. San Diego, California, United States

San Diego
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San Diego is a little more lively than Santa Barbara but can still be a peaceful place for a getaway. The idyllic beaches, delicious food, and enormous parks make it wonderful for anyone who wants to relax without straying far from fun bars and clubs. It’s simultaneously sophisticated and playful.

7. Nice, France

Nice France
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Another seaside city that rich people love is Nice in France. This enchanting French city has awe-inspiring ocean views, vintage architecture, impressive art galleries, fabulous French food, and more. This captivating city has always been popular among the wealthy, and it’s a top choice for rich folks who love to indulge in the art scene.

8. Napa, California, United States

Napa California
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A bottle of wine can cost a few dollars or a few thousand, and the wine connoisseurs who can afford the latter like to vacation in Napa. The area is perfect for people who want to enjoy the finer things, like lavish hotels, upscale food, top-notch hospitality, and, of course, refined wine.

9. Golden Triangle, Portugal

Quinto Do Lago Resort
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As the name suggests, the Golden Triangle in Portugal is all about luxury. This small region is very exclusive and private, making it wonderful for wealthy people who want to find some peace and quiet. The resort town is reserved for the richest vacationers, offering incredible hospitality and extravagant amenities.

10. Aspen, Colorado, United States

Aspen Colorado
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Most of the places mentioned above have irresistible beaches, but Aspen offers awe-inspiring mountain views and top-notch ski resorts. Aspen is one of the most affluent and luxurious places in Colorado, with high-end restaurants, impeccable ski amenities, and dazzling lodgings that offer complete comfort.

11. Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, United States

Carmel by the Sea
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Even the name of this place sounds luxurious and idyllic. Carmel-by-the-Sea is a lovely city in California where the beaches are quiet, the sand is soft, and the palm trees are plentiful. It’s easy to see why the ultra-rich love to come here when they need a break from all the hustle and bustle of being wealthy.

12. Boca Raton, Florida, United States

Boca Raton
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Again, I think a lot of people underestimate Florida and wrongfully call it trashy. Boca Raton is a very high-end city in Florida where some of the richest people on the planet live. With many golf courses, vibrant parks, and cozy beaches, it’s a hotspot for rich vacationers.

13. Lisbon, Portugal

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Lisbon is a picturesque place with impressive architecture, sunny skies, and world-class food. It’s actually the capital city of Portugal! The coastal city has a soft and antique vibe, with pastel buildings, ornate accents, and thoughtful street layouts. The rich also favor this city because, while it’s lavish, it’s relatively affordable.

14. Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano Switzerland
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Switzerland has plenty of fabulous cities that affluent people like to get away to. However, Lugano is easily the most popular one. The city has an interesting blend of Swiss and Mediterranean culture, and the majority of the population speaks Italian, making it one of the most unique spots in the world.

15. Cannes, France

Cannes France
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While most people are familiar with Cannes’ iconic international film festival, many wealthy folks vacation here. It’s a very upscale place with fancy boutiques, suave restaurants, and stylish hotels. Its claim to fame, along with its high-class atmosphere and beautiful beaches, make it a popular place for the rich to vacation.

16. Antibes, France

Antibes France
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Another incredible place in France is Antibes, a resort town that sits between Nice and Cannes, so this whole region caters to the ultra-rich. It has a stunning marina, so it’s especially popular among boat lovers, but the nightlife is just as enticing.

17. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, United States

Jackson Hole Wyoming
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Jackson Hole does not sound lavish or ritzy, but it made the top 20 on the list! It doesn’t sound fabulous, but it’s as pretty as a postcard and has a lot of wonderful skiing spots and other opportunities for luxury sports. This town is quiet and home to some of the most high-end lodging in the U.S.

18. Marina di Portofino, Portofino, Italy

Portofino Italy
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This spot is technically a ferry terminal, not a town or city. But this specific location is where many affluent people like to spend their downtime. Docking a boat in this gorgeous marina costs roughly $3,000 per day, so it’s not for humble boaters.

19. Saint-Tropez, France

Saint Tropez France
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Saint-Tropez is also not technically a city or town, as it’s considered a commune; however, most people refer to it as a town. This charming French commune is popular among artists and international travelers. It has a sophisticated air to it that brings the ultra-rich back again and again.

20. St. Barthélemy

St. Barthelemy
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St. Barthélemy is a breathtaking country island in the Caribbean. It’s the perfect picture of island life, with emerald green waters, supple sand, and colorful vegetation. While you may think there are tons of islands just like it, St. Barthélemy is special because of the sensationally mild and consistent weather and the friendly locals.

21. Maldives

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Maldives is another island country the rich flock to. The remote location makes it ideal for celebrities who want privacy, and the luxury resorts are the pinnacle of incredible hospitality. One of its most popular features is the diverse and colorful wildlife, which attracts people who want to see turtles, sting rays, coral reefs, and sharks.

22. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza Spain
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While Maldives and St. Barthélemy are quiet beach getaways, Ibiza is all about the party. This striking island has sublime beaches and weather, but the buzzing and relentless nightlife is why so many young, wealthy people vacation here. While there are ancient shrines and unique architecture, people go for the nightclubs.

23. Davos, Switzerland

Davos Switzerland
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Davos is another location in Switzerland that attracts the ultra-wealthy. Like Aspen, Davos has some of the most mind-blowing skiing trails and extraordinary resorts with top-notch hospitality. It also happens to be where the World Economic Forum is every year, which has many elites in attendance.

24. Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como Italy
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Lake Como is considered one of the most romantic places on earth, so lots of rich couples hold their wedding here or visit for their honeymoon. The views look too beautiful to be real, and the entire area has an elegant and glamorous atmosphere. And the high prices keep it exclusive and secluded.

25. Hawaii, United States

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Those with second (and third) homes still find the Hawaiian Islands a dreamy escape. With multi-million dollar properties lining Oahu's famous Lanikai Beach to incredible jungle escapes, there's no doubt why the ultra wealthy escape the hustle and bustle of life to relax in paradise.