10 Songs Fans Chose To Beat Vecna on Stranger Things 4

After Kate Bush's “Running Up That Hill” resurgence due to Stranger Things season four, people have been exploring eighties music and choosing their Vecna battle songs.

Redditor u/KrickzZ from r/StrangerThings created a soundtrack to beat Vecna using Redditors' suggestions. They stated, “Name the song that would have to play for you to escape him, and I'll add them all into a playlist.” 

It garnered 9.3k comments. So here are Reddits' top ten picks for escaping Vecnas' doom.

1. Rebel Yell – Billy Idol 


Nominated by user Kuriakon, “Rebel Yell” by 80's Rock God Billy Idol secured the number one spot with 1.2k votes.

Sir_FrancisCake replied, “It's Dancing With Myself – Billy Idol for me!” And 314 people concurred. 

Redditor TheCVR123YT excitedly reported, “Omg, I was going to write this! So it's this or ‘White Wedding' for me. I'm legit shocked to not only see this answer but also see it so high up!”

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2. Don't Stop Me Now – Queen


“Don't Stop Me Now” by Queen had 1.1k votes, securing the number two top song choice for defeating Vecna. 

Redditor nucularnoah chose “Don't Stop Me Now – Queen.” To which marvello96 joked, “I'm having such a good time, no really Vecna, the upside down looks amazing, I'm having a ball!”

FireKing600 continued, “A fellow Queen fan? Mine would be “Another One Bites the Dust” or “We Are the Champions.”

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3. Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra


GuyFromVoid nominated “Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra.” They continued, “with an honorable mention to “The Only Thing I Know For Real” by Jamie Christopherson.”

Mr. Blue Sky received 1k votes. PerfumePoodle stated, “Blue Sky is a perfect Vecna song.” ParadoxPerson02 added, “That song is special and would absolutely decimate Vecna.”

Jak_of_the_shadows agreed, “We'll just all have to have a dance battle to save the galaxy, and Vecna would never stand a chance.”

4. Chain – Fleetwood Mac


In keeping with The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Soundtrack, Moonysparkles voted “Chain by Fleetwood Mac.” It received 900 votes setting off a chain reaction of Fleetwood Mac fans volunteering other song selections for a Vecna battle. 

GinsengFlavouring replied, “Rhiannon – for me,” and KFCFingerLick said, “Everywhere” -for me.” 

Next, DistantKarma chimed in with, “The live, “I Still Cry Out For You” version from 1997.” Finally, darevoyance volunteered; It's either this or Gold Dust Woman for me.

5. Ribs – Lorde


The original poster (OP) KrickzZ chose “Ribs” by Lorde, and it topped the fifth spot with 768 votes. 

Redditor, GallopingFlicka announced, “This is great. And I love how all the music is so different, some of it I never even heard of before.”

They continued, “Right now, if I had to choose a song, it would be Blinding Lights from The Weeknd. But if it's something from the '80s, Pour Some Sugar On Me from Def Leppard.”

6. Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin


Redditor KingCrowdKilla voted “Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin. I'd be fighting Vecna like Thor on the bridge in Asgard!” It received 656 votes, making it number six on the list. 

Redditors replied with other Zeppelin choices that all received validation, including “When the Levee Breaks,” “Hot Dog,” and “Ramble On.” Finally, CrispyKing1 admits, “All these songs are God-tier, not going to lie.”

7. Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley


No, you have not been Rick-rolled! However, Redditor jrmisterdoctor admitted, “Never Gonna Give You Up Rick Astley. Seriously. I have such a visceral response to that song. Alternatively, American Pie by Don McLean would wake me up fast.” 

Astley received 536 votes for its number seven place on the list. Lady_Ymir concurred, “It reminds me of that guy in a vegetative state who was listening to Barney so long he channeled enough anger to find the strength to wake up and turn it off.

TibetianMassive replied. “I've never heard this, but I so hope it's true,” to which it's volunteered his name is Martin Pistorious, and the book is called The Ghost Boy.”

8. Everybody Wants To Rule the World – Tears for Fears


CoreyC133 suggested, “Bohemian Rhapsody and Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” However, the replies focused on the latter, so it takes it spot number eight with 453 votes.”

PeteEckhart agreed, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World is definitely my number two. Tears For Fears for the win.”

Redditor hammockinggirl replied with the Tears for Fears song, “Who Wants to Live Forever?” And pixxie84 confesses, “I imagine Hammer to Fall would be pretty awesome too.”

9. Bulletproof – La Roux


Equivalent-Durian-53 voted “Bulletproof by La Roux,” and it received 436 votes. CharlieEmily1987 exclaimed, “THIS TIME, BABY, I'LL BE BULLETPROOOOOF!” 

And bloodflart said, “Oh snap, I haven't heard this song in ten years. Thanks for the reminder; it's killer.

10. Heroes – David Bowie


Spanky228's nomination of “Heroes” by David Bowie secures the number ten spot with 400 votes. 

Redditor spikewalls argued, “Five Years – for me if we're going with Bowie.” Finally, Politirotica stated, “Ashes to Ashes – for me.”

Here is the Spotify Playlist with 1369 songs for defeating Vecna on Stranger Things season four!

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