8 Vegan Hotels Around The World Where Every Day Is Earth Day

Recent studies have shown that swapping animal products for plants can reduce your dietary contribution to climate change by up to 60 percent—a surprising statistic that has led to many people adopting a plant-based lifestyle and a chic crop of vegan hotels sprouting up around the globe.

8 Vegan Hotels Around The World

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While these plant-based properties may eschew animal products, they contain 100 percent taste and style throughout their imaginative menus, vegan wine lists, and cruelty-free décor and amenities. From Mendocino to Santorini, try one of these vegan hotels to celebrate Earth Day every day and prove that you don't have to swap sustainability to have a swanky stay. Staying in a vegan hotel is the ultimate in planning sustainable travel.

1. Mod Santorini, Greece

MOD Santorini, Greece
Image Credit: MOD Santorini.

Overlooking Santorini's sun-drenched Cycladic architecture and the sparkling Aegean Sea beyond, Mod Santorini is the island's first vegan and sustainable accommodation. The hotel is owned by Anargyros Fousteris and Christina Boutros, passionate vegans and animal lovers dedicated to creating a destination for like-minded travelers. Their hotel has become a haven for earth-conscious guests unwilling to sacrifice comfort or style.

From the homecooked plant-based breakfast to the toiletries and cleaning products used in the rooms, the property comes together to create a truly holistic wellness retreat. One of the highlights? All the rooms include minibars featuring local vegan wine (wine is often filtered using animal products such as bone marrow, egg whites, or fish bladders.)

2. Saorsa 1875, Scotland

Saorsa 1875, Scotland
Image Credit: Saorsa Hotel.

The U.K.'s first fully vegan hotel, this eclectic property in the highland town of Pitlochry is set in a Gothic-Revival style building straight from the pages of a moody Victorian novel. While Saorsa 1875 provides cozy communal space and 11 hip, design-forward rooms with highlands views, the property is all about the food.

The chic, pub-style restaurant is 100 percent vegan, and its inventive menu of globally inspired dishes is laser-focused on providing local, seasonal, and even foraged produce. After lunch or dinner, lounge by the roaring fire with a creative cocktail, a local craft beer, or a glass from the exquisitely curated wine list.

3. La Vimea Vegan Hotel, Italy

La Vimea Vegan Hotel, Italy
Image Credit: La Vimea.

Set in Naturno against a backdrop of the Tyrolean mountains, this woodsy adults-only getaway imbues wellness with a decidedly Italian flair. The minimalist vibe and chalet-style atmosphere give La Vimea Vegan Hotel that old-school Italian charm. Relaxation seekers will revel in the natural swimming pond, yoga and meditation classes, and spa treatments using only organic and plant-based products.

Once you've worked up an appetite on a hike through the Texel Group Nature Park in South Tyrol (just a short walk from the hotel), take a seat in the property's gourmet restaurant for a scrumptious vegan meal bursting with color and creativity.

4. Palmaïa The House of Aïa, Mexico

Palmaïa The House of Aïa, Mexico
Image Credit: The House of Aïa.

This unique all-inclusive beachfront wellness resort is an eco-conscious oasis with Michelin-trained chefs, holistic spa treatments, and a commitment to sustainable style. Palmaïa The House of Aïa is set along the white sands and mesmerizing turquoise waters of Playa del Carmen, less than 40 miles from Cancun. But the magical location, whimsical bohemian atmosphere, and array of integrated mind/body experiences make it feel otherworldly.

From the azure views and ultrachic plant-based eateries to the sophisticated array of indigenous ceremonies and practices to choose from, this avant-garde stay is the stuff dreams are made of.

Note: While the rooms use only vegan amenities and furnishings such as featherless pillows, the restaurants do offer some meat and fish dishes.

5. The Stanford Inn by the Sea, Mendocino, California, United States

The Stanford Inn by the Sea, Mendocino, California, United States
Image Credit: The Stanford Inn.

Tucked away along the lush Northern California coast in the quaint village of Mendocino, this laid-back hotel is a must for vegans and the plant-curious visiting Northern California. The rustic-chic resort has been a mainstay in the plant-based community for years. It features one of North America's most acclaimed vegan restaurants and offers cooking classes, an organic garden, and spectacular ocean views.

The Stanford Inn by the Sea is fully vegan and also truly animal-centric, as it allows guests to bring pets of any kind (even reptiles!) and runs an animal rehabilitation program.

6. Mother Earth Vegan Hotel, Costa Rica

Mother Earth Vegan Hotel, Costa Rica
Image Credit: Mother Earth Vegan Hotel.

If Costa Rica is the ultimate destination for eco-conscious travelers, this serene hotel in the trendy Tamarindo beach area is truly Shangri-la. Though petite in size, Mother Earth Vegan Hotel packs a big punch with facilities such as a saltwater pool and a poolside bar and restaurant featuring plant-based dishes resembling miniature works of art. All things wellness are also offered, including a healing studio for reiki, yoga, and sound healing, plus individually designed paintings in each room that activate your different chakras.

7.  Villa Vegana, Spain

Villa Vegana, Spain
Image Credit: Villa Vegana.

This rustic retreat on the island of Mallorca is an animal lover's paradise. The family-owned, farmhouse-style property was one of the first 100 percent vegan hotels in all of Europe and is located within a seven-acre conservation area filled with roaming wildlife. Villa Vegana's remote location among palm trees and local flora feels miles away from the demands of reality, and the panoramic views of the Tramuntana Mountains give the location an even more dreamlike feel. A global menu of vegan comfort food features unique interpretations of dishes from as far-flung as Peru, Scandinavia, and India.

8. The Farm at San Benito, Philippines

The Farm at San Benito, Philippines
Image Credit: The Farm at San Benito.

This remote, eco-chic resort is surrounded by 128 acres of lush tropical jungle only 90 minutes south of Manila. While the property is a plant-based destination, the medical wellness program takes the vegan lifestyle a step further by incorporating raw food options, detox cleanses, and holistic medical consultations. Lounge about in your luxurious suite or villa with a private jungle-view pool before grabbing a bite in one of three farm-to-table restaurants (vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian). But perhaps the piece de resistance of The Farm at San Benito is the holistic medical sanctuary spa featuring hydrotherapy, medical advice, and traditional Philippine healing treatments using 100 percent virgin coconut oil.

 Knowing that your vacation features mindful, sustainable food, drink, room, and beauty options that are good for both animals and the environment makes a getaway at a vegan hotel the ultimate in guilt-free mind and body relaxation.