Video Highlights Astonishing Vintage Barn Finds Car Potentially ‘Worth Millions’

Much has been said and written about barn finds, the defacto dream of car enthusiasts everywhere, with many names and numbers thrown around whenever a new video of one gets posted. 

There are many claims of million-dollar finds and rare vehicle sightings, with higher figures and singular discoveries often overestimated or misidentified. 

However, one recent barn find looks to buck that trend big time. 

One Incredible Find.

A quick note: the find, as shown in footage from Youtuber Classic Car Rescue, is actually in an old, abandoned museum, not a barn. “Barn find” is just a widely used phrase for any forgotten vehicle discovery, regardless of location. 

There's a lot shown throughout the nearly nine-minute clip.

At the beginning, there appear to be several vintage Shelby Mustang GTs, along with some early Camaros. A vintage Shelby Mustang GT can easily sell north of six figures. In fact, a 1968 Shelby GT convertible recently sold for over $200,000. 

So, a handful of Shelbys could be worth a million dollars. But we didn't say a million dollars – we said millions. It's apparent this museum displayed some heavy hitters at the time of its abandonment.    

The High Rollers.          

At one point, the footage zooms in on a classic Rolls-Royce (and the price tag on that thing is nothing to sneeze at.) There's also a glimpse of a stylish Mercedes Benz G-Class peeking out from under a cover. 

But then – we get a look at some real show-stoppers. Just past the first-generation Camaros, there appear to be two Auburn Boattail Speedsters. 

Now, if those two vehicles are Auburn Boattail Speedsters – that means two of the rarest vehicles a car enthusiast could ever hope to find are parked right next to each other. 

We mentioned earlier that a vintage Shelby can sell for over $200k – that's nothing compared to what Auburn Boattail Speedsters can go for. One sold for almost $750k at an auction earlier this year. 

So, two of them, just sitting in an abandoned warehouse, collecting dust is mind-boggling. That's roughly $1.5 million right there. Add in those Mustang Shelbys, the first-generation Camaros, the Mercedes Benz G-Class, and that classic Rolls-Royce and there's easily a few million dollars parked in this warehouse. 

The caveat is that since these are rare and popular cars, people are known to make replicas. But even if that were the case, this would still be one impressive replica collection. 

Unfortunately, the video does not mention this warehouse's location, owner, or how any of these vehicles ended up here. It's an exciting mystery to daydream about, though, much like the thought of someone restoring these classics to their former glory. 

Source: Classic Car Rescue via Youtube