Teenager Boycotts Dad’s Wedding Over Vintage Dress Drama

Planning a wedding is challenging, and couples can be under pressure if they have overwhelming expectations. Because of this, weddings tend to fuel disagreements and arguments. But people should know how to diffuse and deal with it, so they don't spoil relationships between family and friends.

OP’s dad is getting married. And it seems that OP needs help understanding the stress of weddings. In this story, her dad and step-mom-to-be are forcing her to wear an outfit she doesn’t want to wear.

As you can imagine, all hell breaks loose when OP refuses.

Bride's Love for Vintage Clothes

Some people cannot outgrow their love for vintage clothing. They're effortlessly classy and minimalist.

OP's stepmom-to-be is a fan of vintage clothes, but OP isn't. She doesn't like her father's fiancée. She wasn't disrespectful or anything to her – she just doesn’t care for her trying to be her mom.

Her dad used to make OP try out the vintage clothes his fiancée would get her and her kid sister. But, of course, she was never thrilled about it. She never liked dresses, long skirts, and long sleeves.

Hey, everyone has their style.

The Wedding Dress

Now, OP's soon-to-be stepmom wants her and her sister to wear vintage-style dresses for the wedding. Her sister doesn’t mind, but OP is livid. The outfit has everything she hates, long sleeves, thick fabrics, gloves, heels, and sun hats. She thinks it looks terrible, and she's uncomfortable in it.

The first time OP tried the outfit, she was sweating so much. She looked foreign and was so unhappy that she cried.

OP threatened that they let her wear what she'll be comfortable with, or she won't attend the wedding.

She doesn’t see why they are trying to make her wear something she wouldn't wear on a typical day to her father's wedding, where all eyes would be on her, too. It seems unfair.

But no one is listening. Finally, in trying to offer a compromise, her soon-to-be stepmom told her that if she agreed to wear corsets, she could let go of the hat. Is that a compromise?

She says she is uncomfortable in the outfit and would rather not wear it, and that's the best they can do.

OP figured that no one cared, and to make a point, she ruined the dress and cut it up.

Now she wants to know if she did a little too much.

She Didn't Have to Ruin The Dress

Although they shouldn't have forced her to wear what she didn't want to, she may have crossed the line. Most people think that OP is wrong for ruining the dress. She could've been firm about not wearing the vintage clothing, but she stepped over the line when she acted out like a child.

u/headmasterritual believes that OP is wrong because she destroyed the gown, “NTA for not wanting to wear the dress. YTA in a gigantic way for deciding to utterly destroy the dress and have ‘demolished' it and gleefully saying ‘send me the bill!!!!!'”

Others believe that OP is NTA and the bride is a bridezilla:

“NTA. I was kinda on the couple's side until the mention of corsets. Anyone who thinks anyone should try wearing a corset for some wedding theme is a massive jerk. Don't go.”

A different person said OP is TA for acting out like a child, ruining the dress that might be very expensive, and then laughing about it:

“NTA for refusing to go. I get that, and I get that you don't want to wear the dress. However, YTA for acting like you're 5 instead of 16 by destroying the dress, and basically laughing about it. She probably paid a lot for the dress (it looks expensive) and you should've told her that you refuse to wear it and give it to her or keep it in your closet instead of acting like a baby and demolishing it.”

It seems OP was right until she overreacted and destroyed the dress. Sometimes, knowing how to be in control and not overly emotional is the best way to go. She could've put her foot down with the uncomfortable dress rather than destroying it, don't you think?

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