20 Top Pick Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners To Make Money

Being a virtual assistant is one of the best, most lucrative side hustles you will find on the internet, and what’s more? You don’t even need to have prior experience whatsoever. Although this might reduce your pay, it will still be better than taking surveys or reading emails for money.

Thankfully, there are several virtual assistant jobs for beginners and companies that will employ you even if you have no experience or degree.

While everyone seems to focus on where you can get virtual assistant jobs for beginners, it is necessary for you to understand the job description of a virtual assistant so you can weigh your skills and availability for the role.

Although you can work as a virtual assistant with no prior degree, what if the job description is not something you want to do for a long time? What if you don't have the patience to perform some of the necessary tasks?

In this post, I will cover who a virtual assistant is and the tasks involved, along with tips and sites to work as a virtual assistant.

Who Is a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant works from home to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers with day-to-day business activities like scheduling, administrative tasks, research, recruitment, data entry, PR, or even travel bookings.

A virtual assistant's task is mainly to assist, covering a wide range of activities. 

Depending on your contractual agreement, the tasks may be explicitly stated or not. However, I advise that your contract explicitly states all your tasks. If you are required to do additional tasks, you may be able to add in a salary negotiation.

A virtual assistant can work for single or multiple clients at once, and you can also be an independent worker who networks to find clients or you sign up with agencies to help match you with clients. 

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do

The main tasks of a virtual assistant include:

  • Data entry & Bookkeeping.

As a virtual assistant, you might be required to prepare bank deposits and invoices, verify receipts, make purchases, prepare payroll, and process it.

You might need basic accounting skills and proficiency in tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

  • Proofreading.

Proofreading documents and contracts and preparing presentations are some tasks that a VA will be required to do. You might also be required to create, edit, and send emails.

Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners
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  • Transcription.

As a virtual assistant, transcription duties might not be as in-depth and just as simple as taking minutes of meetings, but this hugely depends on your agreement.

  • Research.

For every proofreading and translation, you need to carry out research. You will also need to be proficient at finding information about the competition, conducting market research, and creating and editing business proposals.

  • Digital marketing.

This might not be a required task, but as a VA, you might be required to manage social media accounts, write blog posts, email marketing, create content calendars, track website data, etc.

  • Customer service.

As a virtual assistant, you will also need to carry out duties like receiving calls, responding to customers’ complaints, scheduling appointments, and handling voicemail messages.

  • Translation.

This is not a required task, but your ability to carry this out might result in increased pay, especially if you are working with an international client.

If you have proficiency in more than one language, including English, you might be required to translate documents and contracts. You might also get to attend live meetings where you translate.

  • Management skills

You manage appointments, meetings, bookings, and other administrative affairs.

Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners

There are several platforms you can leverage and land a job as a VA without prior experience:


I think Fiverr is the best freelancing platform out there because of the low risk of fraudulent activities. Sign up, set up your profile, and submit applications for posted VA jobs. 

Fiverr is all about serious business, which means that most offers you will see are pretty needed and highly professional.

Do a good job and get reviews because these reviews will make clients trust you more.

You can earn per task, per hour, or half hour.


Upwork is one of the biggest freelancing platforms and is very easy to navigate. Set up your profile using your email address, write your bio, connect with clients, accept projects, deliver good results, get paid, and request reviews.

Select the category you want to be seen or known for in the virtual assistant section to get more streamlined offers.

As a beginner, you can earn as high as $10-$15 on Upwork and even more if you know what you're doing. As you gain more experience, you can edit your prices.


With BELAY, you can earn $15 on average per hour. You can select the category of your choice, and there are no special requirements to work there.

Additionally, you can select the number of hours you will be available to work per week, making working remotely easier.


When it comes to details, I absolutely love FlexJobs. They have several categories of freelancing jobs you can do. When I searched for virtual assistant jobs, there were over 400 search results from different companies.

Each search result shows you a range of information, including the level of experience needed, job description, number of hours per week, the company, and benefits.

Prices can range from $15-$20 per hour or more.

99 Dollar Social.

99 Dollar Social offers social media management services to their clients and, as such, has a high demand for virtual assistants who can create social media content and help their clients curate articles and photos.

This is a perfect virtual assistant job for beginners because you are only required to have proficiency in speaking and writing fluent American English. You must also be self-motivated with good research skills and have to be good with time management, multitasking, and meeting deadlines.

Another advantage to working with 99 Dollar Social is completing 5-day training upon joining the team and having your work reviewed constructively, which means you get trained on the job while having experience.


LinkedIn is a professional platform where most companies have their profiles and listings.

All you have to do is to sign up, update your profile, and apply for VA jobs. You don't need to search for it; the software will select listings that match your profile and show you the requirements.

You can also apply directly using your LinkedIn profile (ensure it is adequate), and you may or may not be required to send an official resume.

Payment depends on the company, skills, and experience, but you can earn between $10-$15 on average.


Named the #1 best site in the United States, ZipRecruiter boasts of an accurate AI assistant that helps match users to their desired jobs while showing them the average salary of their desired positions.

Using advanced AI technology, I was able to get streamlined job suggestions on the ZipRecruiter website for virtual assistants. I had more than 200,000 VA openings in the US alone!

Also, I saw the average pay (hourly and yearly), which helps with salary negotiation during job interviews. Simply say what you want, and the AI brings it to you.

Fancy Hands.

Fancy Hands is a group of assistants offering VA services to their clients. 

Each person is expected to complete tasks daily, for which you will receive payment. 

Payment varies depending on the difficulty and how fast and accurate you are.

To work here, you need to be based in the US and be able to handle both small, medium, and large companies.

You can earn up to $20 per hour, and there is a chance of being promoted to a managerial position.

24/7 Virtual Assistants.

This company is a virtual assistance service company based in Philadelphia. 24/7 Virtual Assistants can earn between $10-$15 per hour.

You will be given projects to work on within a stipulated time, and if your application is approved, you will get access to their training program.

Payment can increase if you have added skills in a specific niche like paralegal, development, and medical fields.

According to dollarbreak, you might need to work at odd hours, and selection is like 5% of the population.


Taskrabbit connects you to potential clients who need your services and can connect you to local clients and remote jobs that fit your description.

Depending on the job description and company, you can earn as much as $21 per hour as a virtual assistant.

When you sign up and register, you must pay a fee of about $20 and wait for at most four working days to get your registration approved.

Vicky Virtual.

Vicky Virtual deals more with small business owners, and the pay is on the minimum average, but it is a good deal if you're looking for a side hustle to augment your primary business/job.

The primary task on Vicky Virtual is to handle customer calls, including complaints and feedback, meaning you need adequate communication skills.

Other requirements include the ability to type fast and a US residency.

Time Etc.

Although this is a UK-based company, they also cover businesses in the United States and offer remote virtual assistant jobs to US-based workers.

You can earn as much as $20 per hour plus Netflix and Spotify subscription benefits when hired.

They have a wide range of available positions, increasing your chances of getting hired as a VA.

Rei Assistant.

Becoming a Rei Assistant will be the best option if you have a flare for real estate and are pretty good at marketing.

With no educational requirement, you can earn as much as $10 per hour and get paid weekly. All you have to do is confirm buyers' interests and generate leads.

The only catch is you might be required to meet weekly targets, and failure to do so might attract some retribution.


Vasumo offers a thorough training program for selected virtual assistants where you receive training on over 300 VA tasks, including cold calling and taking minutes of live meetings.

You can earn as much as $15 as a beginner on Vasumo, but you must be based in the United States.

The selling point of Vasumo is the training program; they boast of having the best trained virtual assistants in the industry.

We Work Remotely (WWR).

WWR offers virtual assistant services to leading companies in the United States which might be why they request a whopping $299 for every job listed on the website.

It also helps to reduce the number of fake or underpaying companies.

Virtual assistants on WWR can earn between $20-$40 depending on the company and job description. Most jobs are remote, but some might have specific location requirements and niches.

Other Legit va Sites Worth Mentioning:

  1. Virtual Assist USA

They require a college degree and at least ten years of experience. You also must be based in the US and work remotely during regular working hours.

  1. PeoplePerHour

If you are in the UK and want to work as a freelancer, set your rates and schedule, PeoplePerHour is a decent freelancing platform. The pay might not be as high as Fiverr and Upwork, but it is pretty much on average.

  1. Guru

Guru is another freelancing platform that offers a wide range of virtual assistant jobs. You simply sign up, create your profile, look for suitable job offers, and apply.

  1. Delegated

Formerly known as Red Butler, to work with Delegated, you need to have a college degree and the required experience or training to work as a virtual assistant for business owners. You will also be required to carry out a wide range of tasks that require different skills. Average pay is around $16 per hour, and you get the opportunity to work with big brands.

  1. Boldly

Although this company provides virtual assistant jobs, you can also determine who you want to work with, your rate, and your schedule. You can work as a VA in several categories, but you need at least seven years of working experience and 20 working hours a week.

Tips for Being a Virtual Assistant

  • Always ask for reviews.
  • Build your portfolio.
  • Have a social media account.
  • Get tasks done on time.
  • Use secured platforms.
  • Network.
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Conclusion: Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners

If you are looking for a lucrative side hustle to help maintain your living standard, you might want to become a virtual assistant. One thing I like about virtual assistant jobs is the opportunity to learn and improve on the job. As you take on new clients, you can get them to review your abilities.

Reviews from your clients can help you increase your earnings as time goes on.

Did I convince you to become a virtual assistant? Which of these sites do you think is the best?

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