Was 10 seasons the perfect ending to Friends?

Friends "The One With the Cop"

Friends was on air for 10 seasons, but despite its long run, there are still loyal fans asking if the show needed to end when it did.

The iconic comedy series, Friends, came to end in 2004 after 10 seasons. By the time the production called for its final curtain call, the show had been on air since 1994.

The show, despite having aired for 10 years, had a successful run right up to the ninth season. The season saw the disappearance of actor, Matthew Perry, who played Chandler, and a change in television trends.

However, many are still questioning whether 10 seasons was enough,

It is believed that the cast members had a close relationship even off set, making Friends one of the only long-running shows that were not rocked by suggestions of behind-the-scenes feuds between cast members.

However, during the ninth season, the strain of maintaining its run and meeting expectations became evident.

In the ninth season, the character of Chandler went to Tulsa, which meant that he had reduced screen time.

This was due to the actor, who has been open about substance abuse issues, had a jet ski accident which resulted in a back injury.

Thereafter, he reportedly got addicted to the prescribed medication, leading to him taking time away from the show to work on getting better control of his addiction.

Moreover, the world of television was changing during the early 2000s. Sitcoms were not necessarily a favourite amongst television audiences, as they were gradually moving towards dramas.

While the comedy could have attempted to continue riding the wave, it risked losing its legacy and acclaim had it decided to try and adapt.

Ending the show 10 years later, and at its peak, ensured that Friendsmaintained the acclaim it had established over the years.

Moreover, it allowed for the actors to continue being praised nearly 20 years after the last episode aired.