Was Count Dooku Good?

Popularly remembered as a menacing Sith Lord, Count Dooku seemed to be a messed-up character in Star Wars. While he was once a Jedi who fell into the dark side of the force, Count Dooku undeniably displayed good intentions in some of his actions that caused significant confusion about his morale. 

Having great power, Count Dooku was perceived as the exact definition of evil. Interestingly, his actions and the circumstances when he does good things debunked bad beliefs about him. Even though he is known for doing horrible stuff, Count Dooku depicts a good character in some particular events in Star Wars

Although it is hard to erase the evil image of Count Dooku, there are pieces of evidence from his actions that argues that. Below discusses more of that, so keep reading. 

When Count Dooku Does Good Things

Emperor Palpatine, Darth Sidious, Count Dooku
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Even if Count Dooku did countless bad things, there were circumstances when he did good things. With that to argue, it might be safest to say that Count Dooku is good and bad. 

Undeniably, Count Dooku cared about his people and showed less interest in gaining more power. The top evidence that he has good intentions is when he joined the Sith to control the dark side of the force to do good. 

Best of all, many believed Count Dooku was actually a good guy who created sedition and stoked civil war. Thoughts like that even lead to the conclusion that Count Dooku was even an unsung Star Wars hero — quite interesting, right? 

That said, check out some actual circumstances in which Count Dooku displays good intentions below.

Count Dooku Revealed His Plan to Overthrow Palpatine

Count Dooku
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Count Dooku knew that the dark side of the force was stronger than the Jedi order. While he didn't underestimate Palpatine, he did need help from Obi-Wan to guarantee the security of the latter. That's the reason he told Obi-Wan everything. After all, there's much to gain once Palpatine is gone. 

Being honest with Obi-Wan translates Count Dooku's action as finding a way out. With that kind of action, Count Dooku is a smart, clever guy with plans on his own. Unlike other dark siders, he was not a raging warlord. Basically, he does follow blind rage nor have tantrums. 

Count Dooku Put Justice Ahead of Power

Jedi Master Yoda spins into action to battle the renegade former Jedi, Count Dooku.
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Count Dooku was not completely evil when he joined the Dark Side. While he still has a good side, he became a Sith nonetheless. The primary reason is that he believed that the Jedi and Republic are ineffective in maintaining security and order, even if it is their job to uphold justice.

What Count Dooku saw in joining the Dark Side was the chance to effectively and impressively change the galaxy and have better justice, not power. His actual intention was to use the Dark Side to do good. A proof to support that is that Count Dooku does not possess Sith eye color. 

Being a Jedi back then made Count Dooku unable to assassinate anyone. Assassination is not part of his character. That leads to him as just a political idealist. This explains why many still see good in Count Dooku.

Count Dooku Warned Obi-Wan About the Corrupt Republic

Obi-Wan Kenobi Ewan McGregor
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Count Dooku told Obi-Wan of the Republic's corruption because he sees him as his true ally. At the same time, he truly cares for Obi-Wan besides the fact that he wants him on his side. That much care is enough to argue that Count Dooku is somewhat morally good. 

What's more interesting about Count Dooku is that he doesn't show the usual characteristics of being a Sith. Unlike dark siders, Count Dooku has always been seen as collected and calm. The actions are significantly different since reaching the optimal strength requires negative emotions, such as range and fury. 

As clever, Count Dooku learned to manage his emotions. That's why he was able to show his care and healthy respect for Obi-Wan. 

He Tells Obi-Wan the Jedi Are Falling Apart

Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi
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Warning Obi-Wan hints at a good intention on Count Dooku's part. Also, it is to get Obi-Wan's trust. Greatly, Count Dooku perceives Obi-Wan as someone who can continue doing good things as a Jedi. While he chased other goals of choosing to go to the Dark Side, Count Dooku still aims to maintain good things for the Jedi. 

Count Dooku Became a Sith Not to Gain Power


Sith, Red lightsaber
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Count Dooku was an interesting character who actually had goals. As a matter of fact, he had the initial perspective that the Dark Side is a clever and efficient way to make grand changes in the galaxy. Once a Jedi, he realized that Jedi were inefficient in upholding order and security. Ultimately, he hopes for something and has objectives for when joining the Sith, not about power, to be precise. 

Once again, Count Dooku's initial plan for joining the Dark Side was to control it and do good. While the Dark Side somehow corrupted Count Dooku, the most important thing to recognize is the biggest reason why he even became a Sith in the first place. Arguably, it is enough to conclude that Count Dooku was good.