8+Legit Ways to Watch Ads for Money (For Real)

Something I constantly pinch myself about is the fact that making money on the internet has never been easier. Who would of know you can watch ads for money?

I always remind friends that our grandparents couldn’t fill out a survey on their phone, play a video game and get paid with Mistplay, or watch a video ad and earn money when they were bored at home late at night.

For starters, bored wasn’t really in their vocabulary; typically, they were sleeping by 9:00. Secondly, side hustles and the internet were not something they could take advantage of as we can today.

And while something like watching ads for money might seem like a scam or too good to be true, there are legitimate ways to make money watching ads. Today, we will go over our top picks for some of the best!

8+ Ways To Get Paid Watching Ads for Money!

The quick list:

  1. Nielsen TV Ratings
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Inbox Dollars
  4. Ibotta
  5. SuccessBux
  6. iRazoo
  7. Slidejoy
  8. KashKick

Before we dive into the best apps and places to get paid to watch video ads, lets first talk about a frequently asked question involving video ads and making money:

How much money can you make watching video ads?

You will not get rich watching video ads, but average payouts range anywhere from $5-$20 per month depending on how much time you dedicate to watching ads. Most pay users with either PayPal money or with gift cards. 

Why do companies pay people to watch ads?

It is all marketing and advertising. Whether it’s product research or for advertisement purposes, companies want their products in front of eyeballs. So they partner with the companies and apps below. The partner apps run the ads and get paid, then share a percentage back with you for watching the ads! They’re sharing a portion of the ad revenue with you.

Is watching ads for money a legit way to make money?

Yes, you can legitimately make money watching ads for money on your phone. It is not a scam, but then again, you also can’t make enough to live off of doing it. There are better ways to make money from home, but if you got some spare time, video ads do pay, and every dollar adds up!

1. Nielsen TV Ratings

Nielsen is the OG when it comes to paying people to watch TV. Back in the day, your family could get randomly selected to have Nielsen track your TV viewership, and the payout was impressive. I know this because I had to use a special remote to watch TV at an old girlfriend’s house since I wasn’t a family member.

I digress. Nowadays, just about anyone can use Nielsen so long as you have a TV. Here is how it works:

  1. Nielsen is most known for producing accurate TV ratings.
  2. If you have a TV, you can qualify to be part of the Nielsen Family.
  3. The only downside is you have to be selected by Nielsen.
  4. If selected, you can make $200 annually to watch TV.

Note: The other methods to get paid to watch ads are not as lucrative. However, you can do them from your smartphone and on your time (without being invited). We put Nielsen at number one on the list because they’re the OG of paying people to watch TV, and their compensation is one of the best if chosen!

2. Swagbucks

Most are familiar with Swagbucks as a survey site, but because their reach is so large, they offer users the option to watch short, medium, or even longer videos for “Swagbucks” or SBs.

The more videos you watch, the more you collect, which can be redeemed later on in the form of cash with PayPal or gift cards. To cash out with PayPal, you need 500 SBs, which is equivalent to $5.

That being said, if you want to cash out quickly, you can get a gift card worth $1 and up!

>> Get Swagbucks here!

3. Inboxdollars

Perhaps you are aware of the survey opportunities InboxDollars provides but did you know they also pay app users money to watch video ads?

Similar to Survey Junkie and Swagbucks, InboxDollars rewards you when you fill out surveys, complete web search tasks, or when you watch video ads. Start by downloading the app and setting up your profile.

Once you have your Inbox Dollars app, check it daily to see which video ads you can watch to earn money. Companies may request you to let them know what you thought about a particular ad or video, but they’re paying you to do so!

>> You can earn $5 when you download Inbox Dollars here and start watching ads! 

4. Ibotta

Perhaps you thought Ibotta was just a grocery shopping app like I did. But guess again, the app does pay people to watch video ads from time to time! When you open the app, certain promoted products will pay you extra rewards if you watch the product video!

If you don’t already have the Ibotta app, visit your app store or go to Ibotta.com. Download the app, and use it when you shop to collect cashback rewards. When you are bored at home or even if you’re at the store, open the app, and when prompted to watch video ads, do it! They will give you extra cashback rewards for watching videos that take just a few seconds!

>> To get Ibotta, use this link and collect a $20 sign-up bonus!


SuccessBux is another app you can download to pay you to complete various tasks, watching video ads. As you complete these tasks, you will earn points redeemed for real money once you earn at least $1.

Do enough video ad watching to earn a buck, and you can cash out with PayPal! That is $1 you most likely didn’t have 5 minutes ago!

>> Get to watching with SuccessBux here!


When you download IRazoo and watch their video ads, you can earn awards that can be redeemed via Paypal cash or gift cards. Each day, users can access an inventory of video ads that will refresh daily, giving you a new selection each time.

Having paid out over $71,000,000, iRazoo is a great place to start earning money for watching ads. You can also watch movie trailers too, which makes iRazoo a bit more entertaining than the likes of Ibotta (grocery and retail ads) and the survey apps!

>> iRazoo and earn here!


Earn 1,000 Karats, get $1 with Slidejoy, it’s that simple.

Slidejoy is a unique app you download to watch ads within that. It’s only available for team Android users, and the way it works is quite interesting. Slidejoy “Rents” your lock screen, meaning when your phone is locked, there will be an icon you can tap promoted by Slidejoy.

Ads will run on your lock screen, and you earn (talk about passive income). As the ads run and you earn, you can cash out with PayPal or redeem your Karats for gift cards.

>> Slidejoy makes it easy to collect money watching ads simply by joining here.


KashKick is pretty simple and straightforward.

  1. Download the KashKick app and get a $5 welcome bonus when you complete your profile
  2. Fill out surveys or complete “Missions” like watching video ads and answering questions.
  3. Collect rewards, cash out.

As their website states, “Companies are eager to get their deals in front of consumers like you and to get your feedback. In fact, your opinions are so valuable; they'll even pay you for them!”

There you have it, get paid to watch ads for money seems like a good deal!

>> Download KashKick here and collect a $5 welcome bonus!

Similar Ways To Make Money:

If you realize watching video ads for money might not be your thing after reading the above description, here are a few alternatives to consider!


So, believe it or not, similar to watching ads to make money, you can also make money when you download Mistplay and play video games. Mistplay is similar because it wants to gather market data for video game companies, so they incentivize you to play the same games on your phone you’re already playing.

The process is simple. Download Mistplay to your Android (coming soon iPhone users), complete your profile, play your games. Like browsing data, Mistplay will reward you for your playing time in which you can cash out!

To learn more about Mistplay, check out our epic guide here! 

Survey Sites & Apps

If you’re someone looking to learn how to make money watching ads, you may have heard of completing surveys for money too. While watching ads requires little to no brainpower, filling out surveys does – but not a ton.

Most of the above-mentioned apps that will pay you to watch video ads will also pay you to fill out surveys too! Call it a 2 for 1 deal! Surveys tend to pay a bit more than watching video ads, but you don’t always qualify for every survey.

Survey sites/apps include Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Kashkick, Survey Junkie, and eight more here. 

Wrap Your Car for Money!

Lastly, if nothing above suits your fancy, perhaps wrapping your car and getting paid does! If you drive a lot (rideshare drivers, delivery drivers, commutes over 30 miles) and live in an urban area, you can get paid to use your car for advertising.

We are not kidding! The average car wrap advertising company pays anywhere from $50 up to $450 depending on how big the advertisement is and how much you drive!

Please read our full article here detailing how to make money with car wrap advertising!

Watch Ads for Money

If you’re looking for a legitimate side hustle idea, you should consider starting a blog, picking up a personal trainer gig, or doing some time of freelance work.

However, if you’re just in need of a few spare dollars every month (college kids listen up), then watching video ads for money isn’t a bad place to start. To really make it work for you, pick two from the list above and do the following:

  1. Choose two apps and download each.
  2. Complete your profile, collect your welcome offer if available
  3. Watch ads and see how it works.
  4. If you enjoy the platform, stick with it.
  5. If not, consider downloading another from the list and going from there!

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