5 Small Ways to Appreciate Your Employees

If you’re running a company, there’s a piece to the puzzle of a successful brand that you don’t want to ignore: your employees’ satisfaction on the job.

A fabulous way to inspire both job satisfaction and team productivity is to show appreciation.

Here are a few small ways to create a great work environment by appreciating your team members:

Celebrate Birthdays

Most people love to be celebrated on their birthday. Yes, even those who say that they don’t love birthdays.

If you want to create an environment where your employees feel appreciated in their individuality, doing something unique for each team member’s birthday can go far in helping them feel valued in your company.

Whether it’s giving them cookie gifts when they get to the office or even allowing down-time on their special day, recognizing birthdays is important when appreciating your team members.

Offer Project Incentives

If you have an important project that you have your team working on to build a successful brand, consider offering an incentive for the completed project. While your team will still do their job well without an incentive, offering one adds a level of excitement to the experience.

You can use an online program to track progress, so your team can see the competition in real-time.

If your team knows they’ll receive something at the end of the project, whether it’s some extra paid-time-off (PTO) or a bonus, it can be highly motivating while also showing them that you care about the hard work they do.

Throw Coworker Happy Hours

Having downtime together is a fabulous way to show appreciation for your team. You can plan for weekly happy hours at a local restaurant after a long week. Another option is to prepare fun team events every few months, whether it’s a corporate weekend getaway somewhere or attending a fun concert together.

After all, happy hours can help your team members get to know each other and management in a different setting. This can go far in helping to build a more cohesive and tighter team.

Give Out Bonuses When Possible

When your team is going the distance and bringing project wins to the table, consider giving out bonuses. Not only are bonuses a tangible way to show them how much you appreciate them, but they can also help inspire more productivity from your team.

Incentives are typically offered at the beginning of a project in the form of a promised bonus.

However, it can be extra special to provide an unexpected bonus when your team has exceeded expectations on an initiative or project.

Plus, after all their hard work to help your company reach goals and thrive, as well as increase profit, they deserve the extra cash.

Give Gift Cards to Celebrate Small Wins

If you’re a small business just getting started but you want to show some appreciation to your team that has been working hard, gift cards are a small yet tangible gesture for your employees. Whether it’s a gift card to their favorite store or to a great restaurant in the city, gift cards are a simple and easy way to put a smile on your team members’ faces.

It’s a good idea to include enough money on the gift card so that they can enjoy a well-rounded meal at their favorite restaurant or purchase something specific at their favorite shop, whether it’s a record store or book shop.


Showing gratitude for your team can be as simple as giving out gift cards or offering bonuses. Little gestures shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to making your team feel appreciated.

Everybody wants to know they’re being recognized, so if you’re looking for a way to enhance and boost employee productivity while also creating a welcoming and motivating work environment, do something special for your team members every now and then to celebrate their professionalism and hard work.

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