17 Ways to be Happier (Because Feeling Down is Costly)

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It’s Tax Day — a notoriously un-fun day. But what if debt or other life events have been making you feel down on other days too? Quell any feelings of dissatisfaction and unhappiness by continually seeking out reasons to be a little more content each and every day. Feeling down can affect your finances in ways you may not even realize. For instance, when you feel down do you really want to make the effort to bag a healthy lunch or do you want to get the quick fix? I always go for the quick fix when I’m feeling shitty. What about when you’re not feeling 100% at work? Do you want to do what it takes to go the extra mile, and take your business to the next level or to be a super nice team-player? Nope. See, feeling good really does impact how much you make, how much progress you make each day, and how your employees and co-workers see you. So, if you’re feeling down, here are 17 pick-me-ups that you can take advantage of.

17 Free Ways to Feel Happier Right This Minute…

1. Go Ahead and Smile

Even when you aren’t feeling your best, the best thing you can do is smile. Smile to yourself. Smile at people you know and at strangers. One smile can make a big difference in your day and in the lives of others. Sometimes “faking it ’til you make it” is the best remedy.

2. Laugh More

Laughter is the best medicine for a reason. When you laugh, your body responds positively and can instantly make you feel better. Read a book of jokes or call a friend who is guaranteed to get your sides splitting. OR watch Amy Schumer on Ellen. Holy crap she is hilarious.

3. Release the Guilt

Guilt is a natural feeling but it can also have negative effects on your life. Work towards letting go of unnecessary guilt and regaining your peace of mind. Feeling stuck? Read 21 Life Mistakes You Need to Forgive Yourself for Making.

4. Learn Something New

Using your brain in a challenging way is a great mood changer. Find something you’ve always wanted to know how to do or read up on a subject you’ve always been interested. It’s a good way to feed your curiosity, and take your mind off things that may be less than positive. Here are a whole buncha’ things to do.

5. Watch Your All-Time Favorite Movies

Movies can bring back tons of memories of the good times you’ve had. Spend a lazy afternoon relaxing with a few of your favorite movies.

6. Dance Like You’re a Pro

Turn on the music and turn it up. Dance around your house like no one is watching. My favorite is to have dance parties in the kitchen with the baby when he’s eating breakfast. 🙂 I dance and pretend that I am Kim from Matt and Kim. This is our favorite song lately: Get It. We like this song too: Hey Now.

7. Assemble a Photo Album

Grab a handful of those photos you have sitting in a long-forgotten drawer and spend some time putting them into a scrapbook or photo album, taking time to look at each one. OR get all those pics off your phone and gets some prints made. My word, your future self will thank you!

8. Be Randomly Kind

Make a point to perform a random act of kindness each week. Pay for the coffee of the next person in line at the drive-thru. Cover the cost of someone’s toll. You don’t even have to spend any money to make another person’s day brighter just tell them something that you appreciate about them. Tons of idea: 134 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness.

9. Handwrite a Letter

The art of writing letters is practically non-existent in the digital age but it doesn’t mean it isn’t missed. Get out your address book and handwrite a note to someone you miss.

10. Daydream

If you don’t already take the time to daydream a little bit each day, start doing it. Visualize the things that make you happy, things you want to achieve, and things that keep you motivated. Go big too. No need to limit yourself.

11. Do Something Nice For Yourself

Take some time to pay attention to yourself. Eat at your favorite restaurant. Get a manicure. Visit an old school barber shop. A little attention to self can go a long way to improving your outlook on life.

12. Stop Looking at the Neighbor’s Grass

The grass is not always greener on the other side. Stop being envious of what everyone else has by appreciate more what you’ve already attained materially, emotionally, and spiritually. Count your blessing rather than pining away for things you likely don’t want or really even need in your life. 34 Ways to Show Gratitude and Have an a Better Life Instantly.

13. Live in the Moment

While some planning is necessary in life, you need to live a lot of it in the moment. Go hour to hour just enjoying the offerings of the day rather than living in the past or the future. Know that what’s done is done and you can always make things better moving forward.

14. De-clutter Your Space

Take some time to truly look around your living space and take stock of what’s there. Chances are good there are a lot of things that can be purged from every room of your home. The physical act of de-clutter your living space can have a very positive impact on your happiness and state of mental health. Get rid of the old and feel some of the weight fall away from your shoulders. Ready to go for it? Take The Minimalist Challenge.

15. Scare Yourself

Do something that scares you a little bit. Going out of your comfort zone and finding out that things can still be okay is a great way to strengthen your self-confidence and help you increase your happiness.

16. Unplug It All

The amount of technologies we have available in our lives can be overwhelming. Take a weekend to unplug everything – the TV, cell phones, Internet connections, and the vacuum cleaner. Live one whole weekend enjoying the silence and interacting with actual people rather than digital platforms. Use candles, sit out under the stars, and relish every breath you take. This one makes me nervous but I think I need to challenge myself and try it…ESPECIALLY because it makes me nervous. That, to me, is a sign that I probably really need a digital detox.

17. Watch Your Mouth

You may not even realize the amount of negativity that comes from your lips in a single day. Pay attention to the things you say, how much you complain, the way you judge others. These negative words and reactions can have a huge impact on your overall happiness and can also affect the happiness of others around you.


What things do you do when you need a jolt of happiness?

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