6 Proven Ways To Boost Your Twitch Views and Attract More Audience

Every day, Twitch members watch 71 million hours of content. Statistics show that the typical user views 95 minutes of video during each session, compared to 40 minutes for mobile YouTube users. Twitch is becoming a more appealing platform for content and mobile creators.

If you are a Twitch streamer or content creator, you may still struggle to gain more viewers. Growing your audience and monetizing your content are two of the most pressing issues in the industry. According to Chris Morris, Founder of Shoo Social Media, here are a few ways to improve your Twitch views. This social media marketing company has helped people become successful online over the past eight years.

Be Consistent

Morris notes that consistency essentially involves three steps:

  • Establish a regular streaming schedule.
  • Communicate that schedule to your audience
  • Maintain consistent branding and content
  • Interact with viewers in a consistent and friendly manner to build a solid and loyal fanbase.

When you stream regularly and on a consistent schedule creates a level of expectation for your viewers. They know when to tune in, which helps to build a loyal fanbase. You’ll need to create a regular streaming schedule that works for you. Streaming as much as possible can be tempting, but even when it's fun, it can often lead to burnout.

A smarter way to work is to choose a schedule that works for your personal life, stick to it as closely as possible, and avoid skipping streams or changing your schedule frequently.

Maintaining consistency in branding, content, messaging, and viewer interactions is also vital. Ensure that your brandings, such as your profile picture, banner, and overlays, are consistent across all your channels. This helps to establish your brand and make it more recognizable to your audience.

Morris suggests communicating your schedule to your viewers with a schedule graphic you post on your social media channels and Twitch channel page to let your followers know when you’ll be live. Remind your followers of your streaming schedule often, especially in the days leading up to your next stream.


Interacting with your viewers in chat creates a sense of community and fosters a connection with your audience. According to Morris, one effective way to engage with your viewers is to actively participate in chat during your streams.

This means answering questions, responding to comments, and taking the time to thank individual viewers for tuning in. By doing so, you create a more personal connection with your viewers and show them that you value their presence and input.

Another trick is hosting events, such as game nights or Q&A sessions, and creating a Discord server where viewers can chat and interact. Fostering a sense of community creates a more engaging viewing experience and encourages viewers to share your content with their friends and family.

Invest in Good Equipment

Investing in good equipment and software can help you produce professional-looking streams that will attract and retain viewers. A high-quality webcam and microphone ensure your stream looks and sounds great. Consider investing in a camera that can capture high-resolution video, such as 1080p or higher. A good microphone will help ensure your voice comes through clearly and easily.

Consider using broadcasting software like OBS or Streamlabs to help you create polished and professional-looking streams. These programs allow you to customize your stream layout, add graphics and animations, and even integrate with other apps and platforms like Discord and Twitter.

Use a Variety of Content Formats

Competition is fierce. Putting efforts into the content of your stream cannot be overemphasized. Consider what kind of content your viewers are interested in and try to create content that appeals to them. “Use a variety of formats, such as gaming, chatting, or hosting interviews, to keep your stream exciting and fresh,” Morris says.

Sharing updates and behind-the-scenes content builds a more personal relationship with your audience and gives them a reason to tune in to your streams.


Collaborating with other streamers can help you reach new audiences and gain more exposure on the platform. One way to network is to participate in events or contests, which can help you connect with other streamers and viewers who share similar interests.

Another way is to join online communities, such as Twitch stream teams, Discord servers, or social media groups focused on Twitch. These communities can be great places to connect with other streamers, exchange tips and advice, and promote each other’s channels.

To build genuine relationships, support other streamers by engaging with their content. Doing so increases the likelihood of them returning the favor and supporting your channel.

Make Your Content Work for You!

Nicole “Savcy” Robinson is a Digital Marketing & PR Assistant at The Content Factory and a full-time Twitch streamer. They suggest taking the best moments of your stream, editing it to fit YouTube, TikTok, IG, upload and tag. Assigning a “Clip” key macro comes in handy here. They explain that Twitch has very little discoverability optimization. “By taking your content and putting it to work on other platforms that DO have discoverability,” they say, you’ll have way more possibility of success than sticking just to Twitch.”

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