Need $600? 12 Legit Ways to Get Paid Today

Do you need to figure out a few ways to get paid today?!

There are just those moments in life when we find ourselves in need of some quick money… like TODAY. 

Times like when I dropped my car off to get a basic oil change that turned into a much-needed brake job. In the process of getting my brakes replaced and borrowing my wife's car, I simultaneously popped her tire and bent her rim on a pothole.

In a matter of 24 hours, we spent $1,100 on the cars that we hadn't budgeted for, nor did we truly have the money in the first place. For lack of better words – we needed some money ASAP.

Which led us to this question: What are the best ways to get paid today and make a few quick bucks?

Here is a list of 12 ways to get paid today so you can replenish your bank account, pay off some debt or just splurge on a burrito from your favorite Mexican restaurant.

Quick List of Ways to Get Paid Today:

This is a quick list to get you started and make $25+ in a matter of clicks!

  1. Fill out surveys on your phone with Survey Junkie, Reward Survey, or SwagBucks!
  2. Sell old electronics on offer up!
  3. Download Acorns and get $5 now.
  4. If you have an Android, get Mistplay and get paid to play!

1. Sell stuff. 

The quickest way to earn some quick cash is to sell your gently used goods. 

Use the app OfferUp or websites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Poshmark, which are all great for selling things you no longer have a need for. 

Be sure to write catchy titles, price your goods appropriately and follow up quickly. 

Things that sell well and where:

  • Furniture = Craigslist
  • Electronics = OfferUp
  • Clothes = Poshmark
What you should know: If you're able to make stuff, you can generate some income with Etsy and/or Amazon selling your products.

2. Sign Up For Acorns

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Image Credit: Acorns.

Need $5.00 for a quick lunch? 

Sign up with Acorns and you will earn $5 right now. 

The cool thing about Acorns is that in addition to just giving you $5 for signing up, it is an app that helps you start investing – without consciously investing.

Here is how it works:

  • Step 1, simply click this link to download
  • There are no minimum investments, just answer the questions as the screen prompts you
  • Choose your investment level for your $5 (I use aggressive, why not?)
  • Select “Deposit spare change” and every time you make a purchase on your card the purchase is rounded up. The “spare change” is then invested for you
  • Withdraw your money at any time to use as you please, or let it grow!

3. Take Advantage of Sign Up Bonuses

Want to know a lifehack to make money really fast and get paid today?

Take advantage of sign-up bonuses!

Here is how:

  1. Sign up for a cash back credit card that offers a 0% transfer for a certain time period.
  2. Transfer an existing balance (Or buy the rim and tire you need)
  3. Claim the cash reward for hitting the “spending mark”
  4. Here are the best Cashback Bonus Cards.
Don't Go Into Debt! Personal Note: In one year we bounced around credit cards and earned over $500. This does impact your credit score a little, so be aware, but it was free money. Just be sure to have the discipline not to run up credit card debt. If you have debt, use this 25 step guide to help you pay it off fast*


4. Rent a Room Out

If you have an extra room sitting around, rent it out – it's passive income.

rent a room

There is no better way to make money (In my opinion) then renting a spare bedroom out. Sure, you might run into some compatibility issues or not necessarily enjoy the idea of renting out a room in your apartment/home -but look at the bright side.

Depending on where you currently live, you can make an easy $500 or more per month simply renting our room. The extra $6,000 per year can be used for a plethora of financial needs – like the $1,100 brake job or the lingering student loans.

5. Fill Out Surveys:

Best Survey Sites

Survey Junkie:

  • Avg: $1-$3
  • Payout: PayPal
  • Cashout: $10


  • Avg: $.40-2
  • Payout: PayPal
  • Cashout: $25

Inbox Dollars

  • Avg: $1-$5
  • Payout: Prepaid VISA
  • Cashout: $30

Not only can you make some money filling out some surveys… you can do it during your downtime or when you're bored at work (Shh, don't tell anyone I told you that).

Simply create a quick profile with Survey Junkie and start filling out surveys that interest you to earn money and get $10 today!

Other Survey sites do exist and you can collect $25 in the next 15 minutes when you collect the $10 Survey Junkie bonus, and also collect the bonuses from #1 and #2 on the list below:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Mypoints

Filling out surveys is not something that will make you rich, but $50 a week is still $50 a week! Below you will find a quick highlight of the best survey sites out there:

6. Complete Some Odd Jobs

You got a lawnmower or perhaps you're good with a hammer? Or do you know how to mulch or paint?

Put your handy skills to work. Though odd jobs can be laborsome – they are great ways to make quick money by helping others out in the process.

Here is how to land an odd job:

  1. Simply look for neighbors with long grass who never seem to have time to cut their lawn if they want you to cut it when you cut yours and give them a quick price. 
  2. Post pictures of projects you do online or in local community groups
  3. Ask neighbors who seem to have trouble keeping up with their landscaping if they need help
  4. Be mindful of HOA notices that go out – like front door painting notices – then promote your services
  5. Related odd jobs post 21 Ways to Make $500 Fast

7. Get $5 (Daily) with Shopkick

Have you ever heard of Shopkick?

If you haven't heard of it Shopkick, it is a shopping rewards app that gives you “Kicks” that you can redeem for gift cards (Instead of rewards points, they just refer to them as kicks).

But here is the really cool part… you can earn kicks without spending a single dollar.


Without entering any personal information, you simply walk into stores partnered with Shopkick and earn kicks. Walk into Walmart – get 15 kicks. Once you accumulate enough kicks you can get FREE gift cards.

How to earn kicks:

  1. Walk into stores (Walking symbol)
  2. Scan items with the Shopkick app (You don't have to purchase, scan symbol)
  3. Scan receipt for items you did purchase (Receipt symbol)
  4. Accumulate 1250 kicks and choose your $5 gift card

To earn a $5 gift card, users must accumulate 1250 kicks. Use this link to get 250 kicks right now and you're 20% of the way to earning $5 for free!

New: Kashkick

Similar to ShopKick, KashKick lets users earn kicks (points) for watching videos, filling out surveys, shopping, and even sharing search engine history.

8. Deliver Groceries 

ways to get paid instacart

Somebody's desire for convenience is your ticket to getting paid today – SHOPPING!

Simply become an Instacart shopper and if you love grocery shopping, you can now get paid to visit the grocery store.

As of 2019, the average Insatcart shopper was making roughly $11 per hour on average, with some making close to $20 during peak times.

Pros to grocery delivery services such as Instacart:

  • Flexible hours & scheduling
  • Get paid for the number of deliveries you do and per item
  • You can determine when you want to work
  • Shoppers can cash out daily. AKA you can get paid today!

If you want to make money and get paid today, see if Instacart is right for you here.

9. Host a Yard Sale

Similar to #1, if you need to get paid today, sell your old stuff by hosting a yard sale!

You can easily make $100 cash money doing a little spring cleaning and then selling all the stuff you don't want.

Here are just a few quick yard sale tips:

  1. Take your stuff out of boxes (this is key to making money at a yardsale)
  2. Group similar things together
  3. Bargain with people – start high and come down
  4. Don't be afraid to let things go – it's a yard sale
  5. Ask people if they want something else when they go to pay you

10. Walk Some Dogs

Now if you're desperate to find ways to make money TODAY – this might not have worked so well back in 1995, considering you would have needed to find some actual dogs to walk. 

But thankfully we have the internet and apps like Rover that let people who need their dogs walked match with dog walkers (AKA people looking to make some money hanging with pets).

Not only do you get to take some peaceful walks with pets, but you can also make some pretty good money in the process with most dog walkers averaging $10-$15 per walk!

11. Donate Plasma & Make Money Today

Want to make $20-$50 in an hour up to 6x per month?

Donate your blood plasma (use this full guide).

Blood plasma is the clear liquid part of blood that is used to help make medical advancements for those who have blood clotting issues and diseases.

Here is how to make $50 today donating your blood plasma:

  1. Search for “Blood Plasma Donation Near Me”
  2. Contact the location to see about any limitations or forms that are required
  3. Either walk in or setup a time to donate your plasma
  4. Plan to spend at least an hour having your blood withdrawn, the plasma removed, and your blood returned to your body

12. Use Taskrabbit

If you're a handyman or you like putting things together, then becoming a “Tasker” is for you!

Taskrabbit might be the best way for you to get paid today.

Similar to getting groceries for people or driving them around in your car, Taskrabbit is an app that lets consumers find people to complete jobs they can't (or don't want to) do.

Taskrabbit places you – that hand person with skills – with the job and allows you to set your rates and schedule. Similar to Uber, they take a percentage for the matching service they provide.

My takeaway to getting paid today.

If you're looking for ways to make money today this list of 12 should help. On the other hand here is some parting advice to help you in the future financially:

  1. Do your best to avoid situations where you NEED MONEY TODAY, but you can instead use these 12 money making ideas to supplement your finances
  2. This means starting an emergency fund, living on a budget, and focusing on being smart with your money
  3. Remember, there is a good chance life will happen, in that case, manage your money better :0

Regardless, keep doing your best to figure how to make extra money and use these ways to get paid… and go get paid today!

Q: What ways can you add to get paid today? Comment here: