30+ Ways To Make Extra Money

Making extra money has been something that I have focused on since I was fresh out of college. Finding myself at 22, in charge of a risky mortgage and student loan, I decided that I needed to generate more cash than my teacher's wage was paying me.

If I was ever going to be financially independent and not ask my dad for money every month, this was how it would be.

The fact is, I was scared at the thought of all the debt I had built up in such a short period.

Now, because of my attention to small side hustles over the years, my husband and I now find ourselves debt-free and owning our cars. Next to get the axe is the mortgage.

There are many reasons why you might want to start a side income to make extra money:

  • Get out of debt
  • Pay for a big purchase, so you can avoid debt
  • Retire earlier
  • Pay for children's college without debt and worry
  • May be more interesting than your primary income
  • Expand your skills

These questions came into my head when I decided I needed to find out how to make extra cash:

Where can I find side hustle ideas? 

What could I do to make extra money? 

How much time will I dedicate to making extra money from home? 

What types of incomes on the side are acceptable to fit around my primary income? 

How much extra money can I make from home, online, or monthly? 

If you are wondering about any of these things, you have come to the right place.

How Much Time Can You Dedicate To Making Extra Money?

Start by taking a realistic look at everything you need to accomplish in the week. Then, write it all down and create a timetable. Doing this will show the gaps in your schedule and where you can fit your side income.

Then think about whether what you plan to do can fit into the time slot you have created for yourself. For example, if you believe you can walk a dog for an hour. You need to factor in travel time to and from the owner's house and potentially where you will take the dog on the walk.

What Types of Side Hustles Work With My Current Schedule?

For certain main income types, such as mine as a teacher, you must ensure your side hustle is acceptable and doesn't interfere with your primary job. Likewise, for many public service jobs, you must think carefully before building your side income.

Nevertheless, many potential income sources are available – many of which may be new to you.

Start a Side Business – What Ideas Are There?

Starting a side business is an excellent way of giving yourself access to extra income and meeting your financial goals, whatever they may be.

Here are more than 30 ideas to make extra money.

1. Sell Items on eBay or Amazon

Not only can you earn money, but you can purge your home of all your unworn clothing and unused items, it's a win-win.

2. Sell Your Handmade Items

You can make handmade items and sell them on Etsy, eBay, Amazon Handmade, or at local vendor and craft shows.

3. Dog Walking or Pet Sitting

This is a brilliant option if you love animals and only require short bursts of time. In addition, you can keep yourself fit. As you build this side income, you could also offer ”sitting” for animals, which could involve going into clients' homes and checking on their animals. You could even end up staying over in the clients' houses and charging for your time. 

Check out apps like Rover and Wag! to offer your pet-sitting services and find clients.

4. Groom Pets

Again, if you love animals, why not take the plunge and learn how to groom them? You don't need formal qualifications, but it could be worth finding out if a dog groomer in your area might let you learn on the job whenever possible.

5. Tutoring

I have found working as an online tutor to be highly successful. However, these websites vary in terms of what qualifications they ask you to have. As a qualified teacher, I have used Tutorhub.

6. Complete Online Surveys

Sign up for multiple online survey companies to get paid for sharing your opinion. While completing surveys does take time, it's a simple task you can do in your spare time. 

There are many legit survey sites that will pay you in cash or free gift cards for completing surveys. 

  • Swagbucks will pay you for completing surveys, watching videos, and searching the web.
  • InboxDollars will pay you to complete surveys, read emails, and play games online.
  • Toluna Influencers will pay you to complete surveys and test new products.

7. Earn Cashback When Shopping Online

Create a free account on the Dosh app and connect a credit or debit card to earn cashback automatically when you make an eligible purchase. Once your purchase is processed, the cashback will be credited to your Dosh account.

8. Set up an Etsy Store

For example, if you have a hobby, you could make money from your talents and sell to your audience via a platform such as Etsy.

9. Start a Blog

This is a superb way of developing a side income over time. It is easy to start a blog and make it a source of income for yourself.

10. Write Paid Articles

Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer from Krazy Coupon Lady accept articles on a broad range of topics, including style/fashion, couponing, family/parenting, and personal finance.

The ladies give their word that you'll hear back from them within seven days and will receive £50 via Paypal if they don't publish your article. You can read all the details here.

Listverse publishes nothing but lists. Their posts are all long lists (usually beyond 1,500 words long) containing at least ten items, explaining why each item deserves its place on the list. They'll pay you $100 for your article. Read more details here.

11. Sell Your Photos Online

Again, if you are a decent photographer, you could make more income quickly by hosting your photos online. The Penny Hoarder has a great post that lists five sites that pay, on average, $100 per photo.

12. Sell Your Old Phone or Tablet

Most people have old electronics like mobile phones and tablets laying around their home. You can trade in these devices using Amazon Trade-In to recoup some of your costs.

13. Test Products for Cash or Other Rewards of Your Choice.

Another way to make extra money at home and online could be to test out products for a website. Paid product testing gives rewards such as cash or free gift cards.

14. Rent Out the Stuff You Own To Earn Extra Cash

So instead of selling things you rarely use, you could rent them to other people. For example, if you own a superb camera that others would only need for a few days, why not list it for rental? The beauty of these sites is that their liability insurance covers you.

15. Join Focus Groups

The extra money varies greatly, but as a rough idea, you could earn $50-$100 for half a day's work.

16. Work From Home via Appen

Appen is a job website offering flexibility to earn online income from the comfort of your home.

Other Easy Ways To Make Money

17. Referee sporting events

18. Get paid to play games on your phone

19. Become a delivery driver for Instacart

20. Do miscellaneous tasks for money

21. Become a mystery shopper 

22. Use fitness apps like Sweatcoin and get paid to workout

23. Rent out your parking space with Neighbor

24. Offer meal prep services

25. Wash and detail cars

26. Sell your unusual life story

27. Become a model

28. Be a tour guide for GuruWalk

29. Advertise your cleaning services on Thumbtack

30. Become a Virtual Assistant

31. Offer freelance gigs on Fiverr

32. Write and self-publish an eBook on Amazon

Hopefully, you've gained some inspiration to make extra income aside from your main income. Over the next few months, check in with me as I will feature more articles about successful side hustles, including my own from the past and new ways of making money from home that I develop for myself.

Be sure to read my page about making free money, as I will update this when I find new ways of getting free cash.