12 Ways to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom is never easy as you technically run the home. A stay at home mom needs to take care of the children, keep the house in order, cook every meal and at the appropriate time.

Most importantly, a stay at home mom needs money. Most people don't share this point of view as they feel staying at home means having no business with money. Have you ever run out of food items at home? If yes, then you might understand that earning is a must do.

The online space has made it easy for anyone to work from anywhere and a stay at home mum is not excluded. There are various online jobs which a stay at home mom can take in order to earn and support the family's growth.

Are you a stay at home mom? Or you know one? Then sit still and learn about the 12 ways to make money as a stay at home mom.


12 Ways to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

There are many ways to earn as a stay at home mom, we'll be looking at 12 ways to achieve that purpose.


1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant does an administrative job for a company. This is a high paying skill. The best part of this job is that it does not require physical presence as it can be done online.

As a stay at home mom, you can work as a virtual assistant by;  answering emails, making flight arrangements, analyzing data etc.

You must get a virtual assistant course and master it perfectly in order to do the job effectively.


2. Online Tutor

As a stay at home mom, you can do online tutoring depending on your area of specialty. This job might need certification depending on the area which you are interested in.

People pay a huge sum of money for online tutors and you can make a lot of money from this remote job.


3. Writing

You can get jobs in writing. You can obtain skills like; Copywriting, Content writing and lots more . These are jobs which people pay a huge sum of money for.

These writing skills require some techniques which you need to learn. After the learning phase, you can get jobs from bloggers. Companies can also hire you as a copywriter to promote their products and services.


4. Transcriber

This is another high paying job for a stay at home mom as it can be done remotely and conveniently while having free time to attend to other engagements.

As a transcriber, you'll need to have a listening skill as you'll be needed to listen to audio files and transcribe it into a written legal document.

A transcriber is needed in most companies ranging from educational, media etc. You can take courses online in order to harness this skill.


5. YouTuber

As a stay at home mom, you can start a YouTube channel. You need to think of something you're really good at to promote on YouTube, if you don't have anything in mind, you can learn one.

Being a YouTuber doesn't just bring you money but fame as people will be attracted to you depending on what you do on your channel.

Your YouTube channel can be educational, informative or entertaining, pick the niche you are best at and put in your best for an excellent result.


6. Blogging

A blog is where you get information, as a stay at home mom, you can start up a blog where you post informative articles or entertaining articles.

A blog needs a lot of work to be put in as you need to have a knowledge of how a blog works, you'll need to write content or pay a content writer to do that for you.

Blogging is another way of making money, here your effort determines the result.


7. Sell Online

You can become a vendor online by selling used items or items you purchased in a whole sale. You can take pictures of these items and post them on your social media platforms in order to promote the products and also create awareness to people that you have such products.

You can sell them by shipping them to your customer if the person is not within your vicinity. You can earn greatly from this job if you have the right leads. This job gives you time as you can do it when you have the time.


8. Affiliate Marketing

A stay at home mom can make money through affiliate marketing as she will help vendors advertise and market their products effectively.

You can earn a commission when someone purchases the product through your affiliate link. This is another way of earning a huge amount of money as most commissions is as high as 50 -70% of the price for which the product is purchased.


9. Pet Trainer

You can work within your neighborhood as a stay at home mother. Working as a pet Trainer for your neighbors most especially if the owners are absent.

This is another way of making money while at home as you can train or walk the pet down as a form of exercise, most pet owners pay hugely for these services.


10. Food Vendor

You can become a food Vendor who sells food online or through local shops. You can prepare baked foods and snacks and advertise them online for patronage, this is possible as you will deliver to them at their houses or you can affiliate with a shop owner so that you can keep your product in her shop to market.

Anyone who wants it will place an order for it. This is a very lucrative business as people who are working outside their homes might be too busy to cook.


11. Customer Service

As a stay at home mom, you can work as a customer service for firms or banks. Online banking apps need online customer service for an effective functioning. Union Plus Online Banking serves as one of such banks with optimum banking services. You can work as a customer service provider and get paid.


12. Parenting Coach

There are so many parents who need parenting coaches as they are faced with so many problems in their families most especially if they are too busy for their children.

These people are willing to pay a good sum for this service. If you have the required skill, you can sign up as a parenting coach to help families and get paid in return for the services provided.


Requirements for Remote Jobs

In the past, jobs were obtained based on educational qualifications, the number of degrees you acquire would determine the type of work you do.

In the present World, skills and experience precedes certificates. Companies are hiring skills, not certificates.

For a stay at home mom to have an advantage in the online space, she needs to acquire a skill or skills in whatever aspect of the online space she wants to delve into. Gaining a skill as a stay at home mom is the gateway to gaining a job online.

As a stay at home mom, you need to be well vested with any skill you choose to learn. There are many platforms online which you can learn from, these includes; YouTube, Coursera, Udemy, etc. You can only get the above listed jobs if you have the skills required for the task.

In addition, you need to have a good and fast network connection in order to do the job effectively. You might need to acquire a laptop depending on the kind of job which you've picked interest in.



Stay at home moms can also be supportive to the home financially by getting jobs online. The world today is favorable for a remote job, every mom should take advantage of this opportunity. Learn a skill and be perfect in it, apply for a remote job and have your financial freedom even while at home.