How to fix we couldn’t connect to Instagram error?

Have you encountered the dreaded error message “We couldn't connect to Instagram” after trying to log in? Here's your guide to fixing this frustrating issue.

Instagram has integrated itself into our daily lives and become an important part of our digital routine. With more than a billion active users every month, the popular social media platform continues to expand its userbase as well.

It also takes a large chunk of our time as we check our feed hundreds of times a day. Although spending time on Instagram is an inseparable part of what we do during the day, it is definitely not without problems. And one of the most recent issues prevents users from accessing their accounts.

Why does the connection error on Instagram occur?

This error screen comes up when the internet connection is not stable. It can also happen when you are trying to access Instagram on a PC.

Most users encounter this issue on the log-in screen. The error pop-up states that the application could not connect to Instagram and it suggests the users check their internet connection.

We listed the troubleshooting steps for you to try and fix this error.

1. Make sure your internet connection is stable.

The pop-up states that the app does not receive data from Instagram. What happens when it does not recognize the internet connection. In these cases, checking your connection's stability is the first thing you should do.

After making sure that your internet connection is stable, try accessing the social media platform again. If the issue persists, we recommend you disconnect from the internet and connect to it again.

If you still encounter the error, you can also try resetting your router.

2. Try accessing Instagram on a different browser.

If you encounter this problem on a PC, try accessing Instagram on a different browser. The web browser you are using can be the source of this issue. Using a different one might help in various connection problems.

3. Use a VPN.

Another reason for this frustrating issue might be a block on your IP address. Most social media platforms like Instagram blocks certain IP addresses by mistake. And a VPN service will encrypt your data and hide your IP address, allowing you to access the platform.

Do not worry when your IP address has been blocked by Instagram. It will probably be removed in no time after the bots analyze that there is nothing wrong with your IP.

insta make sure you're connected to the internet

In the meantime, you can use a free VPN to log in to Instagram. Consider using a VPN extension instead of downloading and connecting to a virtual private network. This way, you will be able to use a private tunnel to log in to your account. This method can fix the Instagram connection error as well.

4. Turn on mobile data.

Some users share that they were able to log in to their Instagram accounts on mobile data. If you encounter this problem on mobile, turning on your mobile data can actually solve this issue. Simply turn the wireless connection off and enable the mobile data. Here's how to do it:

instagram on mobile data

If you have enough mobile data on your plan, you can try this method out to see if it works for you.

5. Update the app.

Make sure you are running the latest version of Instagram on your phone. An outdated version can cause various issues like this one.

Here's how to update Instagram app on Android:

update instagram for connection error

6. Log out from Instagram on all devices.

If you are logged in to your account on other devices, make sure that you are logged out on all of them. Trying to access another device at the same time might be the reason behind the connection issue.

Here's how to log out from Instagram:

Tap on the three lines at the top-right corner of the screen.

log out from instagram

Select Settings.

we couldn't connect to instagram

Scroll down and tap on Log out.

log out from instagram

7. Wait until Instagram services are back online.

Problems like this may happen when Instagram is down. In cases like these, the users are not able to access their accounts on the platform globally.

Have a look at Twitter and also to see if there is anything wrong with the platform. Users usually post about it when Instagram services are offline. You can also visit the website to see the current status of the platform.

Here are some possible solutions to this issue. We hope the methods above prove useful for the we couldn't connect to Instagram error.