Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Honest Opinion To Read

Curios to read my Wealthy Affiliate reviews
To be honest with you
I was hesitant on writing about
My review for Wealthy Affiliate
Because there are tons of praises
Written on Wealthy Affiliate
I felt I would not find any readers to bolster my opinion

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

Is wealthy affiliate good or bad

I am not promoting Wealthy Affiliate here
The link above is just for reference
I cannot promote something I don't believe in
Every bloggers are keen to make money through affiliate marketing
Some accept the fact that they can promote shady products or services
As long as they make lucrative commissions they shut down their consciences

I couldn't do that even after gathering all
The bright sides of Wealthy Affiliate Reviews
Yes Wealthy Affiliate has some pros too

I will do my best here to show you
Wealthy Affiliate reviews from a bias side
Although I will always repeat it over and over
Don't go premium
It will be a waste of money and time

Let me begin with

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a membership site
Offering 2 types of memberships
Free and paid members for $49 monthly or
$359 yearly coming to $29.92 per month

They don't promise to make money online
But they show you how to make money by
Watching their training on how to start your own blog
Also how to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing

dashboard for wealthy affiliate

The program is owned by
Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim
They started all the way back in 2005
They also own Jaxxy keyword research tool
Nothing is wrong till now

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Although I am against joining Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member
I have to admit it is totally legit business
It is not a pyramid scheme of any kind
It is very straight forward affiliate model
Only premium members get 45% on monthly or yearly subscriptions
That is equivalent to $22 monthly or $161.55 yearly

How many members currently in WA?

I asked this question in the community

Someone said 1.5 million, Holy moly seriously
Then someone corrected that statement
1.5 members free and paid with all dummy accounts there
One of the members said they are 200,000 active
Finally one of the members privately messaged Kyle
He reported back that Kyle replied back instantly

You would never know the actual paid members
They are kept as public secret
As per the member who privately messaged Kyle
Remember as a free member
You cannot privately message any other members

Why I am against Wealthy Affiliate?

All Wealthy Affiliate reviews claim that
You can create your blog in 30 seconds
Plus they give you the impression that
You can make money from your blog quickly and easily
These WA reviews are coming from members promoting the program

If you go and check most of the profiles there
Their blogs looks like they are missing a lot to improve their designs
I bet you there are more than 90% of members not making any money
I am not sure about the turnover rate of members leaving WA program within first year
It must be a lot because members who join and focus on learning from different sources
Perhaps can make it online

What is my problem with Wealthy Affiliate?

First my problem with Wealthy Affiliate
They successfully managed to make it sound damn easy to get into blogging world
They don’t assess your blogging skills

Second you are not creating a blog
You are just building WordPress on a new domain
This process takes around 10 minutes
If you are doing it from a control panel inside your web hosting
As a new blogger you still need to configure your WordPress blog
By installing your WordPress theme and plugins

Yes you can have a domain that has a blog running but you are not ready yet

Third It will take you a lot of time and effort to build a blog and
More time till you can really make money online
It can take more than a year to start making very few cash
Again you will be paying your membership for long time without seeing any income

Fourth you will be in a position to promote Wealthy Affiliate to cover up your membership fee
Even this process is already monopolized by big marketers

Fifth regarding the training itself
WA offers a very basic training
It is good for beginners who know nothing about online marketing
This training will give you the basic
You are just scratching the surface
It will not help you more than finding your niche
Building your blog and setting up your affiliate programs

basic training inside wealthy affiliate

I recommend you join as a free member
You get some of the benefits for one week
Get engaged with the community and
Learn about what you can do before your 7 days trials get expired
Yes you will be bombarded with emails from Kyle and Carson to go premium with incentive discounts
I had to switch off their emails from my members area

The pros side of Wealthy Affiliate

  • Wealthy Affiliate offers very reliable web hosting of 1.3 ms loading speed
  • It has a mirroring system for your blog which means if web hosting goes down the second node takes precedence immediately
  • Wealthy Affiliate creates backup daily for your blog so if you do something wrong to your blog support team will restore it from backup
  • It has several layer of security to prevent spam and stop attacks on your WordPress
  • Wealthy Affiliate has a community where you exchange knowledge with peers
  • It has private messaging system where you can speak to Kyle and Carson and receive their reply back
  • Access to Jaxxy Keyword Research Tool
  • Be able to listen to regular live events
  • Access to comprehensive text based and video training modules
  • Live chat for quick turnaround solutions

The cons side of Wealthy Affiliate

  • Wealthy Affiliate doesn't provide advanced training modules like list building or link building, all training are very basic for beginners
  • It doesn't give you control over your web hosting, you don't have control panel
  • Wealthy Affiliate membership doesn't get updated with new training modules so what will happen after you complete your training, do you think it is fair to still pay for the membership? they don't consider switching you to pay for web hosting only
  • Community is peer to peer so you don't know how knowledgeable the other member helping you

Should you join this membership program?

You may get the impression that I am convincing you not to join WA program
This is not true
If you are really beginner
Who knows nothing about blogging and
How to build your blog
WA membership can be suitable for you

Wait, if you plan to join
I recommend to join as a yearly plan
You will pay one time of $359 for one year of access
This is around $29 per month
Assuming you will pay around or less than $20 per web hosting
The $10 per month difference between
$359 WA annual subscription – $239 yearly web hosting fees = $120
Consider this as a training opportunity and good chance to
Meet with large group of people to exchange experience

Study all the courses and build your blogs
Buy your domain names from Namecheap
Download a backup plugin like UpdraftPlus
Learn how to do your WordPress backup

I expect to finish the training modules within the first year
Now you can be ready to move your blog to another Web hosting
If you have your domain name under Namecheap
You can move to Siteground and they will help you a lot with your blog migration

Remember to give yourself some extra time to do the transfer
I recommend to start the migration process 3 weeks before your WA membership expires
You have to make sure that your blog was completely transferred
If you are curious how it will happen
Siteground will take your backup and add it to their web hosting
Then they will point their DNS to Namecheap

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