The Exclusive Club:

10 Things Only 1% of People Haven’t Done

Eating pizza, using social media, and drinking alcohol are among common things the majority of society does on a daily basis, but with majorities comes minorities.

“What is one thing that 99% of people have done, but you haven't?” a user from a widespread internet forum asks.

Ordered Delivery

Individuals who have never ordered delivery claim they don't live where it makes sense to deliver, or the fees of the service add up to another meal.

Drank Soda

One person writes they've never guzzled a carbonated drink. Not because their parents restricted it but because they never felt the urge to indulge in the fizzy beverage.

Worn Nike Products

Nike holds the spot as the #1 shoe brand in the world, but even with a popular status, the swoosh doesn't reach everyone. Someone expresses they've never worn, owned, or tried on a Nike product.

Joined TikTok

Through strong will and resistance to societal pressure, few manage to live a prosperous life without the video app.

Watched Game of Thrones

IMDb credits Game of Thrones as the most-watched television series of all time, yet, several people express that the show doesn't pique interest due to subject matter and gory content.

Eaten Meat

One internet user articulates since they grew up following a pescetarian diet, they never craved meat. They share, “I get grossed out by the sight of any egg thing ever.”

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