10 Best Princess Leia Moments From Befriending Ewoks to Becoming a Hutt Slayer

A huge part of the Star Wars franchise is Leia Organa. A princess turned general, she taught so many of us about ourselves and how we can be the heroes of our own story and she’s an important part of the world of Star Wars but for fans as well.

So as we’re preparing for the celebration that is…well, Star Wars Celebration, and spending May the 4th with the series we love, it’s important too to look back at Leia and the moments that make her.

So from some of her greatest hits in the original trilogy and beyond, let’s talk about what makes her so special and why we love Carrie Fisher’s portrayal in celebration of May the 4th!

Saving Han from Jabba

One of the biggest moments in Leia’s story comes not from her being a general or from her love story with Han Solo. Instead, it comes when she gets to rescue him.

Believing in Ben still

Ben Solo is a hot button issue. For me, I hated how Rise of Skywalker essentially made Leia die for Ben but what I do love about their relationship is that Leia never really stops hoping that her son will return to her. I

Taking over as a General

It was truly inspiring as a kid to see Leia become a general. Not because women can (and should) be in charge but because it didn’t seem forced.

Befriending the Ewok

I am but a humble servant to the Ewoks in the world of Star Wars. On the forest moon of Endor, we get to see Leia befriend them and they help fight against Darth Vader, the Emperor, and their legion of Storm Troopers.

Mocking Luke for being short

The first moments we see Leia she’s holding her own against Darth Vader and mocking Luke Skywalker for being too short for a Storm Trooper.

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