10 Celebrities the Internet Wishes Would Just Go Away Now

Is there a celebrity you don't care for or are over? Or maybe one that you're tired of hearing about and seeing everywhere? You've got company.

Recently a Redditor asked, “Which celebrity should just go away?” The internet responded to deliver these top-voted celebs.

Guytherobot answered, “Will and Jada Smith. I can't take any of the ‘honest' and ‘open discussions' anymore. They publicly tell private matters no one needs or wants to hear.”

The Smiths

Go-with-the-flow confessed, “I feel awful for his children. How he's acting and attacking their mother so publicly and revealing family information so openly must be very hard on them. Imagine your whole school knowing that your mom considered aborting you."

Kanye West

Redditor Itsccchaney volunteered, “Caitlyn Jenner, people forget that she killed someone in 2015. Vehicular manslaughter killed one and injured seven. Dismissed in an $800,000 settlement. However, she's praised as a hero. It seems this barely even tarnished her reputation.”

Caitlyn Jenner

After establishing that Joel Osteen is a megachurch pastor, Redditor Xnsno said, “This is the ringleader. Private Jets, mansion, the whole nine yards. I am sick of seeing his face on his book at Walgreens whenever I have to refill meds. He fries his eggs in snake oil 100%.”

Joel Osteen

Of course, people raced to the comments with opinions on him having ten kids while also making fun of the kids' names. However, IndustryMade noted, “His infant son passed away this year.. would never wish that on Nick Cannon.” Additionally, many people called him an antisemite.

Nick Cannon

KermitTheBoz said, “Prince Andrew. I will always be mad at Queen Lizzie for not taking away his prince title. Because “The Andrew, Formerly Known As Prince” will always be the clever nickname that never was.”

Prince Andrew

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