From Riches to Rags: 

10 Celebrities Who Lost Everything and More

Celebrity scandals, devastating revelations, and terrible behaviors involving several prominent stars have unraveled over the years.

Recently someone asked, “Which celebrity fall from grace disappointed you the most?” Here are the top-voted responses.

“Bill Cosby. I grew up on Picture Pages and Fat Albert reruns, and it sucked to watch somebody who was such a prominent figure from my childhood fall,” one person admitted.

Bill Cosby

Kevin Spacey

“He was the only casualty of the MeToo that I mourned. He had the rare talent of not only being a once-in-a-generation quality actor but also the much rarer talent of being adept at picking good movies and roles to star in; it sucks.”

“Allison Mack,” another person shared, “Hmm, I wonder what this teen science fiction drama's second-string but popular character is doing? Oh good, she's running a sex cult and using branding irons on women.”

Allison Mack

Danny Masterson

“Unfortunately, it was awful for people invested in The Ranch due to the horrible writing after he was kicked from the show,” another shared.

“It was sad to hear, and have it be confirmed by other cast members, how he treated Charisma Carpenter on the set. I always considered him a good, somewhat overrated writer/director, but he always seemed like a cool guy to work with on set,” another admitted. 

Joss Whedon

Someone shared, “Oscar Pistorius. Because he was the first double-amputee to participate in the Summer Olympics, he was expected to become the next feel-good tale of recent history (2012).”

Oscar Pistorius

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