Traveling Abroad Soon? Don’t Make These 10 Common Mistakes

Are you an American curious to know what makes it evident to Non-Americans? Me too! 

So when I came across the question, “What are obvious immediate giveaways that someone is an American?” I jumped right in to discover these top-voted responses. 


“Every time I visit my relatives in Italy, they say, ‘don't ruin it for us.' They don't want the whole tipping thing to catch on,” one user admitted.

Baseball Cap

One user posted, “British man once told me he knew I was American because I was wearing a baseball cap backward.”

Speaking Voice

“In a museum in London where everyone is speaking quietly, and then BOOM, an American accent out of nowhere just catches you so off guard,” one person commented.

Small Talk

One person said, “I'm Canadian; generally, Americans are far less reserved and love small talk.” “This was one of my biggest culture shocks in Germany. I'm not much of a small-talk person, even as an American.”

Talking to Strangers in Public

One Redditor commented, “Talking to strangers in public. After living in Germany for two months, I was horrified when a stranger on the bus commented on my shoes.”

State vs. Country

A Non-American said, “Right? We don't know what Deleware is. Say you're from the states.”Acurrell replied, “I tell them Baltimore, and their eyes light up, and they ask, Like The Wire?!”

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