10 Easy Online Jobs You Can Make Money With!

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of easy is as follows: achieved without great effort, presenting a few difficulties. 

Combined with the word job, usually easy and job don’t go together, simply because a job often entails long hours at a pay rate lower than we would prefer.  

1. Freelance Writing Pay: $50 per article and up!

I share this with you because starting a blog is often viewed as an easy way to make money; truthfully, blogging is a grind you have to be willing to endure.  

2. Graphic Design Pay: $45,000 Per Year Median (link) or $25-$200 per hour

With businesses transitioning online (some for good), graphic design experts are in extreme demand. Companies want to stand out online, and they do this with great social media images, appealing graphics, and marketing assets. 

3. Digital Marketing Pay: Varies per client & offered service

Companies hire full-time employees to manage their social media accounts or for website design and content marketing. Many companies are starting to hire video production companies as video marketing grows each year.

4. Manage Social Media Ad Pay: $1,000 per month per client & up

Social media advertisements are different than managing social media accounts, way different. For starters, managing social media ads is a more technical niche that requires some background knowledge

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