10 Facts About Hobbiton

At the beginning of August, Amazon Prime released a first look at their much-anticipated Lord of the Rings series set to release next September, and suddenly fans were ready to discover Middle Earth all over again. 

With hopeful eyes now turned to the future, and to the possibility of traveling once again, an adventure to one of the series most famous filming locations might be just the thing to lure you out of your Hobbit Hole. Here are some fun facts you may not have known about Hobbiton. 

it’s a real place.

While location scouting in the late ’90s, an aerial search drew Peter Jackson and co. to Alexander Farm, a 12-acre sheep farm in Waikato, a region just southof Auckland on the North Island.

It’s been open since 2002

After most of the set was struck when filming concluded on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, a few structures were left standing and this formed the basis of the initial Hobbiton tours, which began sometime after Fellowship of the Ring was released.

A fellowship is required for this particular journey

Unfortunately, Hobbiton has a “no admittance except on guided tour business” policy. As tempting as it might be to venture into Hobbiton yourself, only Gandalf the Grey gets to ride in on his own personal horse and cart. 

Second Breakfast is a very real thing in Hobbiton

You’ve had one breakfast, but what about second breakfast? Hobbiton has you covered by offering a tour of the movie set first thing in the morning followed by breakfast at the brand-new Millhouse on select weekends.