My 10 Favorite Noirs at Noir City Chicago

From August twenty-sixth through September first, the Music Box Theatre in Chicago hosted the Noir City Chicago film festival.

The festival is an iteration of the traveling Noir City festival that the Film Noir Foundation began in San Francisco in 2003 and has since expanded to include cities across the country.

This year's Chicago iteration of the festival included 21 films starting with two in honor of James Caan before diving into the classic era.


Playgirl is a rise and fall story, but the fall is genuinely unexpected, and the places the film goes after the fall are truly shocking.

Flesh and Fantasy

Flesh and Fantasy is an anthology film that tells three short stories with a humorous wrap-around (which I enjoyed despite Muller's distaste for it). Each of the short segments tells a story about something strange and otherworldly.

Smooth as Silk

While many B noir films pack an incredible amount of plot into their short runtimes, Smooth as Silk may be the most densely plotted one I've ever seen.

The Face Behind the Mask

The Face Behind the Mask is surprisingly devastating for a B film noir, a tragic immigration story with the one and only Peter Lorre at its center.

Dr. Broadway

Dr. Broadway is a bit of a tonal mishmash as some of the film's darkness is played as comedy, and there's a regrettable joke about our hero hitting a woman for her own good.

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