10 Great Ways To Be a Sustainable Traveler

Traveling is enjoyable because engaging with the outside world, visiting new locations, and meeting new people raises your feel-good hormones.

But as you start to plan a trip, make bookings, pack your bags, and go, there are other things to consider, in addition to the enjoyable times you hope to encounter.

To make your trip environmentally friendly, reduce the negative effects of tourism, and preferably benefit the region you're visiting, you need to look for sustainable travel practices.

Overtourism is a phenomenon that occurs when a given location gets overrun by tourists. You can avoid this by taking less-traveled routes.

Avoid Top-listed Area

Spending money in the community you visit helps the locals. Avoid spending your money on multinational firms that are based in other countries.

Patronize Local

According to a study by the Journal of Transport Geography, tourists cause 4.4% of global CO2 emissions, with emissions projected to grow at an average rate of 3.2% per year up to 2035.

Use Sustainable Travel Option

Unhurried travel is environmentally friendly and in opposition to mass tourism. Try not to rush out of a place you've only just visited. Slow travel reduces the number of times you have to fly.

Be a Slow Traveler

In some destinations, the locals may suffer from water or light scarcity. As such, it's important to be mindful when you use resources like water and electricity.

Conserve Water and Energy

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