10 Of Our Favorite Homer Simpson Moments, Ranked

Do you love Homer Simpson? What moments in The Simpsons would you say define Homer Simpson for you? 

Redditor u/G-Unit11111 asked, “What is your favorite Homer Simpson moment?” And Redditors responded quickly with their best Homer picks. Here are the top ten responses. 

Bailer86 nominated, “When Homer spins around on the floor to read what Bart wrote on the back of his head.” The OP, G-Unit11111, agreed, “I love how that goes from funny to disturbing very quickly!”

Season 5, Episode 15: “Deep Space Homer”

RetailDrone7576 quoted, “If you get eaten, it's your own fault. ‘Smashes his head into the metal thing above the stove.”

Season 6, Episode 8: “Lisa on Ice”

This quote, of course, comes from “Lisa On Ice.” Bart and Lisa are at each other's throats in that episode because they are on opposing ice-hockey teams. 

In “King of the Hill,” Homer gets into shape and is contacted by the Powersauce Bar corporation of his favorite energy bars. 

Season 9, Episode 23: “King of the Hill”

They sponsor him to climb a mountain as a promotion, and Homer decides to do it to impress Bart. However, things take twists and turns, and it's no straight hike up the mountain. 

In “Mom and Pop Art,” Homer buys a backyard BBQ, and things don't go right. So he destroys it, and when he attempts to unload it, an artist takes notice. But unfortunately, she's unaware that this was a failed attempt, not a work of art. So things go awry per usual.

Season 10, Episode 19: “Mom and Pop Art”

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