10 Illegal Things People in the Right Professions Get To Do

Recently a Redditor asked, “What is something that your profession allows you to do that would otherwise be illegal?”

The responses are unbelievable, and some are humorous. So here are the top-voted reactions to the original poster (OP's) question.

Redditor bradland shared a detailed but entertaining accounting.

Bankruptcy Trustee

“Working for a bankruptcy trustee. I would break into offices at night and make copies of executive's hard drives to look for hidden financial information or communications that impugn the claims made by corrupt debtors.”

They continued, “One time, I was sent into a huge networks operation center down in Miami. The trustee had coordinated with the head of security without the debtor owner's knowledge to secure my access. I showed up with my laptop, tool bag, and flashlight.”

Furthermore, “the head of security handed me a security card and said, ‘This will get you access to anywhere in the building. If anyone asks you what you're doing, you have them radio me.'

It felt very covert and was by far the most incredible thing I did as part of that job. Oh, and I found a locked QuickBooks file that we cracked and pinned the scumbag for embezzling a bunch of money while trying to stiff creditors. It was glorious!”

Asteriad confessed, “I collect and catalog child sexual abuse materials after I break into people's cell phones and computers without their permission.”

Collect and Catalog CSA Materials

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