10 Insane Things Target Customers Have Actually Said to Employees

During a recent Reddit discussion, real Target employees revealed the insane things that their customers have said to them – and trust us when we say that “crazy” is an understatement.

Here are 10 insane things target customers have actually said to employees:

“Person complained and threatened to call corporate because we didn’t sell Amazon giftcards,” one Redditor said.

The Gift Card Fail

One user brought up this unwelcome bit of sexual harassment: “I was doing cart cleaning a while back and some creepy old dude felt the need to make disinfecting and wiping into ‘hey wanna come do that at my place later??' No thanks.”

The Unwelcome Advance

“Told an older guest to have a good day as she left self checkout and she looked me in the eyes and said ‘I bet my dog understands more English than you do.' and walked away,” one Redditor said.

The Rude Elderly Woman

Placing Target employees — who are just there doing their jobs — below your pets on the importance scale is insulting at best and evil at worst! We applaud this employee for biting their tongue and not sinking down to the customer's level.

One user in particular wrote: “I can't remember exactly what it was about or what she said, but it was something along the lines of ‘I'm not racist but…..'”

The Overt Racist

“I kindly asked a lady if she would move her stroller (with a baby in it) just a little so I could get the microwave off of the top shelf in the aisle. She told me she was never shopping at target again. Like damn I just didn’t wanna kill your baby, but my bad,” an ex-employee said.

The Overly Cautious Mother

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