10 Legitimate Reasons People Eat Their Pizza With a Knife and Fork

Have you ever seen someone eating pizza with a knife and fork and wondered why? As a pizza lover myself, I can understand the confusion.

When eating pizza, most people opt for the traditional method of picking up a slice with their hands and devouring it. However, some prefer to eat their pizza with a knife and fork. 

To Avoid Overeating

With a knife and fork, you can cut your pizza into smaller pieces and take your time to savor each bite. Some users suggested this can help you control your portions and avoid overeating.

To Avoid Getting Sticky Hands

Many people say eating pizza with your hands can make them sticky and messy. That’s why you can avoid getting sauce and cheese all over your hands by using a knife and fork.

Dental Work

A lot of commenters has had dental issues or lost their tooth. Therefore, for those with dental work or sensitivity, eating pizza with a knife and fork can be more comfortable than biting into a hot slice with their teeth.


In some cultures, eating pizza with a knife and fork is customary. For example, in Italy, using utensils when eating pizza is considered polite.

Hot Pizza

Pizza fresh out of the oven can be very hot, making it difficult to eat with your hands. Isn’t it?

Being Autistic

Some individuals on the autism spectrum may prefer to eat their pizza with a knife and fork due to sensory issues or personal preference.

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