10 Products Under $100 That Will Change Your Life

While scrolling the front page of the internet, I discovered an interesting post. Someone asked, “What life-changing item can you buy for less than $100?” Here are the top-voted responses.

Mechanical Keyboard

“I bought one for home and didn't notice much of a difference, but when I had to use my non-mechanical office keyboard, it felt like garbage. The keys feel so much less mushy on a mechanical keyboard,” shared one.

A Hammock Chair

One user said, “Bought my Eno a year ago, and I have no idea what I did without it; you can post up anywhere and everywhere, and it will encourage you to go outside a lot more.”

Electric Toothbrush

One Redditor replied, “So true! I've been using one for years, so I don't even remember how big the difference was, but recently I convinced my boyfriend to buy one, and he was like, wow, my teeth never felt so brushed!”

“You can get one for around $100, and it can easily cook a staggering variety of food and cook it well,” said one. “Today, I learned several types of people use pressure cookers. People who use them for cooking food, and people who use them to sterilize things.”

Pressure Cooker


One user posted, “Step 1: Throw away all your socks. Step 2: Buy three to five packages of the same sock. Step 3: Enjoy life without ever having to match socks again.”

“I cannot stress enough how a high-quality shower-head can turn getting clean into an utter Zen state, a 30-minute self-healing and relaxation session."

A Good Shower-Head

“When you have tools that are satisfying to use, cooking becomes less of a chore and more of a hobby. You'll eat healthier, cheaper than takeout/restaurant, and ditching the dull Walmart knife and the scratched-up nonstick aluminum skillet is the best place to start.”

Cutting Utensils

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