Movies Fans Watched Once and Refused to Watch Again

Have you ever watched a movie you have only seen once and refused to watch again? Be it good or bad?

Redditor u/Suspicious_Drive6655 wondered, “What is a movie you have only seen once and absolutely refuse to watch again?” So here are the top ten movies Redditors admitted to watching with no intent of watching again. 

SpiritedEconomist323 nominated “The Human Centipede. Great storytelling and suspense-building (and I usually like horror movies), but dear God, that was the most disgusting, disturbing thing I've ever watched.”

The Human Centipede (2009)

Msmadmama responded, “Tusk. I can't even explain it to people because it makes me feel so deeply uncomfortable.” Another user, onioning, stated, “I hated that movie. I knew I would hate it early on, but I kept watching just to figure out where they were going with it.”

Tusk (2014)

MonkeyType confessed, “I saw Cuties back when I used to follow Sundance pretty religiously.” They continued, “I'd never before or since seen a movie where the lasting impression was “this is wrong.” I remember slapping my forehead when it showed up on Netflix later.”

Cuties (2020)

ComprehendReading admitted, “I can't tell what's worse, reading the book and having your imagination fill in details, or watching it and having no control over the pace and delivery.”

The Road (2009)

Actuaryba answered, “Schindler's List. It's a great and important film, but once was enough.” Redditor zz502chevyII said, “I clicked here to type this. Glad I watched it. Never again, though. Very heartbreaking.”

Schindler's List (1993)

Omegasedated volunteered, “A movie came out in 2004 called Crash. I really can't remember what it was even about now, but I remember leaving the cinema thinking, ‘I don't want to feel like this again.' It was a heart-wrenching movie.”

Crash (2004)

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