10 Movies So Bad We Can’t Look Away

Do you enjoy watching terrible movies? Are there some terrible campy films that are still fantastic to you?

Recently a Redditor user posted, “What's the greatest worst movies?” Several people responded to create this list of the greatest – worst movies of all time.

One Reddit user posted, “There were over 40 ice puns. But there was also a Bat credit card! So bad it's good.” Almostambidextrous said, “There's a ‘cha-ching!' sound effect that plays when he produces the Bat-Card!”

Batman & Robin (1997)

User _Goose_ posted, “With the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Owen Wilson, Danny Trejo, AND Jon Voight all simultaneously? That is the recipe for amazingly horrible and amazing.”

Anaconda (1997)

Iron_Bagel posted, “The ET rip-off brought to you by McDonald's of all people!” One Redditor quoted, “It's ruined. It's ruined.” Another user replied, “It wasn't me, mom! It was the little creature! I saw it!”

Mac and Me (1988)

ZarquonsFlatTire posted, “Saw this yesterday. The ninja checking his watch during the main character's dramatic pause is glorious.”

VelociPastor (2017)

One user said, “Samuel L. Jackson, LL Cool J, and SUPER SHARKS.” FitzyII posted, “Dude had to hide in the oven from the sharks? And they made them super smart? So the damn shark TURNS ON THE OVEN?” Paula_Schultz237 replied, “I was freaking devastated when the parrot was eaten.”

Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Vontuk posted, “Apparently, the Director didn't speak any English. So he hired people from the town they filmed to be the actors, and they thought they would be extras but ended up being the main cast, lol.

Troll 2 (1990)

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