10 Movies That  Would Look Good As Broadway Musicals

Musicals are something that can make you feel whole, can bring light to your life, and can make you think. With shows like Kinky Boots, American Psycho: The Musical, Amėlie, and more, Broadway loves a movie musical. 

So what should be the next Broadway hit? We have some idea of what could be the next musical to make the Great White Way! 

Across the Universe

The music of the Beatles plays a powerful part of the film and would work beautifully on stage and it is about time we have a musical with their music! 


American Psycho the Musical may have been short-lived but it was a beautiful musical. So why not let Zodiac have that treatment? 

I, Tonya

It’s funny, dark, and a wild look into the world of Harding and those who were associated with her but it is also the perfect set up for a musical. 


The Dexter Fletcher movie about the life of Elton John was filled with outlandish costumes, and it was all told through the beautiful music of Elton John. 

Easy A

Just imagine having songs from female artists from 2010 making up the music for this? It’d be incredible to see.