10 Online Museum Tours You Should Try Out

This list will walk you through famous museums online that are displaying various works of art for the digital world to see.

If you miss the feeling of being surrounded by history and art, these museums offer virtual tours that you need to check out.

The British Museum has a significant portion of its collection available to view on its website, but they have also shifted their scheduled in-person exhibitions online for everyone to enjoy.

If you don’t want to book a tour, you can explore the gallery online by visiting their digital exhibitions. These exhibits include the inspirational Votes for Women and Struggle for Justice exhibits. 

If you want to see Van Gogh’s work, this place will allow you to view them as well as some other prominent paintings that are very splendid to the eyes.

You can virtually visit all of your favorite Smithsonian museums and explore their collections at your leisure. One exhibit at their Anacostia location even features a podcast-style audio tour for those looking to combine the virtual and audio experience. 

You can go through each piece of art and learn more about the artist, the design, and the artistic style at play. If you have an afternoon free, this would be a great way to spend it!

The Museum of Fine Arts Boston is offering $8 tour rentals to allow visitors near and far to experience one of their latest exhibitions. Writing the Future: Basquiat and the Hip-Hop Generation focuses on the intersection of visual and verbal language through street art and music.

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