10 of the Best Albums of 2021 (That You Probably Missed) Story

Here at Your Money Geek, we've highlighted some of the best films of the year and ranked some of the best television series—including Squid Game and WandaVision—and now we're breaking down the best albums of 2021 (that you probably missed).

It’s the best of times and the worst of times for music. The pandemic grinds on, which means that performing live and even collaborating remains a difficult risk for many performers.

Yet, at the same time, more music is available to more people all at once than at any time ever before in history. 

1. SOPHIE (GetUp)

Scottish singer and producer SOPHIE released one full-length album before her sudden death in January 2021. 

2. Mon Laferte—SEIS (Universal Music Mexico)

Chilean-born, Mexican-based singer/songwriter Mon Laferte has one of the most amazing voices in popular music. 

3. Mdou Moctar—Afrique Victime (Matador)

The best guitar player in the world right now is Mdou Moctar. The Niger performer is in the Tuareg desert blues tradition of the better-known Tinariwen collective.