10 OTPs (One True Pairings) That Get Our Hearts Racing

Shipping is a part of fandom that has spanned decades. It is what makes us come back to these fictional characters that we love and what keeps us engaged in the properties.

But it also comes with a problem at times: What happens if our OTP isn’t what everyone else wants? Sometimes, that doesn’t matter. We just flock to them anyway and that’s what makes each ship special. It’s unique to us and our friends and that’s okay!

Peter/MJ  (Spider-Man)

There is no comic love story quite like that of Peter Parker and MJ Watson. It has spanned decades and has remained a relationship that fans come back to time and time again within the world of Spider-Man. 

Sirius/Remus (Harry Potter)

Sure, we don’t talk about the Harry Potter series really anymore but if I could buy two characters and have them kiss it would be Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. 

Rue/Jules (Euphoria)

Right now they might not be that together or in sync with each other but there is something about Rue and Jules on Euphoria that brings you in each week and keeps you hooked to what is happening in their lives. 

Jack/Kate (Lost)

Back in the days when Lost was releasing weekly, there were two main ships for Kate Austen: Jate and Skate. Yes, I had “Jate is fate” written on notebooks and new that they were the endgame ship for me.