Robert Pattinson Isn’t Just ‘the Twilight Guy’

Robert Pattinson has been a household name since 2008 when the first Twilight movie hit theaters. So whether you, your siblings or your parents loved Twilight, there was no way of escaping Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for a solid four-year period as the “Saga” rolled into theaters.

With Pattinson making his debut as The Batman earlier this year, we thought it might be time to look at some other fantastic performances from the actor that prove he’s much more than just “the guy from Twilight.”

Robert Pattinson's 10 Performances

The performance allows Pattinson to track Dalí’s changes over time, but even in those early years, it’s never a small performance.

Salvador Dalí – Little Ashe

It’s also worth noting that part of the story of Little Ashes centers on a romance that might have existed between Lorca and Dalí. This, of course, means the film offers some titillating scenes between the two actors but also shows that Pattinson was not going to be limited by sexuality in his career.

Based on the novel of the same name by Don DeLillo, Cosmopolis stars Pattinson as Eric Packer, a young billionaire currency speculator.

Eric Packer – Cosmopolis

He’s disconnected from everything, even his wife, who we briefly meet, and only seems to have an honest conversation with a man who means to kill him. It’s an unnerving performance, but that’s just what the movie calls for.

Rey is an intellectually disabled young man, and there’s a significant history of non-disabled people playing characters with disabilities that run the gamut from celebrated to the offensive.

Rey – The Rover

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