10 Reasons Why ‘WandaVision’ Was One of 2021’s Best

WandaVision was an extraordinary achievement in television this past year. 

Airing from January to March of 2021 on Disney Plus, this limited series followed Wanda Maximoff and her love Vision through a world of television sitcoms where something dark was simmering beneath the happy surface, 

and twists and turns were around every perfectly immaculate corner of their idyllic neighborhood of Westview. 

The show was praised and acclaimed by fans and critics alike, garnering multiple award nominations, including 3 Emmy wins, 

and has proven to be immensely popular, discussed throughout the entire year, trending on social media on many occasions, was the third most popular show on IMDb, and one of Google's most searched for shows. 

Moreover, it was one of the most unique, impressive, and ambitious Marvel properties to date. Let's explore why WandaVision was one of 2021's best of the best.